'Walking Dead' Finale Is a 'Full-Blown War' That Will Kill 27 Characters (PHOTOS)

The Walking DeadIt's finally almost here: the very last episode in season 3 of The Walking Dead. Titled "Welcome to the Tombs," the season finale is described thusly: "Rick and the group have to seriously consider if the prison is worth defending as the Governor's impending attack looms over their heads."

We've been getting all kinds of teases about the bloodshed to come in the finale, but the latest word from the cast confirms that heads are definitely gonna roll (maybe literally?). The show's planning to kill off a jaw-dropping 27 characters during Sunday's episode -- and that's just for starters.


Walking Dead creator/executive producer Robert Kirkman tells us to expect some pretty shocking character revelations during the show's final hour:

It’s about finding out where allegiances lie. There are a few surprises in store as to who is going to be doing what on which side. Those reveals are going to be startling.

I feel like the natural assumption is to focus on Andrea here, but I think it'd be interesting to see Milton end up to be the Governor's killer. I mean, assuming the Governor dies, which we can't assume. We can, however, count on the fact that twenty-seven characters will be axed before the end credits roll. Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, told Rolling Stone:

Twenty-seven people die. It's safe to say it is all hands to pumps. It's a crazy season finale.

Dude, twenty-seven casualties? That IS crazy. (Also, "all hands to pumps" is officially my new favorite saying.) While plenty of those will be likely be random Woodbury citizens, you know they're going to take out some of the big characters too. Just not Daryl. PLEASE GOD NOT DARYL.

Speaking of Daryl, here's what actor Normus Reedus says about the finale:

Everyone is furious. Daryl has come back and he's furious, Michonne is furious, Glenn and Maggie are pissed. We fought hard to get that prison, and we don't want anybody telling us what to do, and it's become very personal for everyone. That's what the finale is about; everybody's toes have been crushed and everyone is ready to rip each other apart. (…) It's a full-blown war. You have two herds of wild animals charging at each other and everyone has guns, knives and explosives ... People will definitely die.

Yup, I think the list of potential victims definitely includes Hershel, the Governor, Beth, Milton, Sasha, Andrea, Maggie, Carol, and, like, pretty much everyone in Woodbury.

Finally, here are a few of the teaser images AMC has released of the final episode:

Aww, look at the little "Judith" bag. That makes me think Carl's grabbing some essentials because the gang is forced to abandon the prison, which would make sense given the way things went in the comics … but of course you can never be sure with this show. I can't wait to see how everything plays out!

Are you excited about the Walking Dead season finale?

Images via AMC/Yahoo

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