‘Amityville Horror’ Wasn't Fake Says Man Who Witnessed Its Horrors as a Child (VIDEO)

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The Amityville Horror was one of the scariest movies I've ever seen -- all the more scary because it was true. Or was it? Over the years, there's been a debate and the family that was driven from the famous devil-eyed house by the demons inside has come under suspicion for making the entire thing up and cashing in on it (not a bad idea, really). But it seems that, finally, some answers have come out about what may have really happened in the house. Daniel Lutz, who was 10 years old when he lived in the spook house with his mother, siblings, and stepfather, has finally spoken out about his ordeal there. And it just might make you a believer (if you weren't already)!

Daniel, now a 47-year-old man who works as a stonemason, has kept silent all of these years. But when a documentarian tracked him down, he decided to spill. The documentary, My Amityville Horror, came out in November, and is now on OnDemand.

"I just wanted somebody to believe me. It has been in my dreams my whole life," says Daniel, who confirms that many of the incidents portrayed in the book and the movie actually happened! I mean, he was 10 when they (supposedly) happened, but could you forget your neighbor's cat turning into a pig? Probably not.

Daniel has a theory to why the house had so many, um, issues, and it's not all related to the fact that a young man had shot his parents and four younger siblings to death 13 months before the Lutzes moved in. (Talk about a real estate nightmare!)

He believes that his stepfather, George Lutz, was responsible for "opening a portal to hell" within the house because he dabbled in Satanism. He says:

George’s beliefs and practices triggered what was going on in the house. It was like a magic trick gone bad that you couldn’t shut off.

Grown Daniel reports having seen "like a hundred flies" in one room in the house, and when he got his mom to come look, they were all gone. "That’s when my confusion started," he said. Understatement!

He also says he remembers his dog "almost throttling himself" to get loose as a garage door took on a life of its own, and looking up in his sister's window to see "cartoon character of an angry pig with wolf-like teeth and laser beam red eyes." Yikes!

But could Daniel's memory be influenced by all he has seen and read over the years about the very house he lived in? The power of suggestion? Or did it all really happen? I don't know, but I wouldn't want to live there, despite the fact that another family has lived in the house for years, with no problems!

Do you believe in haunted houses?

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eupeptic eupeptic

I've begged my spirit guide to create coins for a number of years (as I've heard that others have had coins start appearing out of nowhere shortly after a loved one died) but he has yet to do that. A year ago he did create a number of fleas (typically just one or a few at a time; totaling about 30-50 in about a month) about a month after our last cat died (we only have tile floors so it's quite unlikely that any fleas had been hiding out in the house). (I mention this as anything can be created using spiritual energy, and flies are one such thing that is common.)

And yeah, haunted houses are real, but ghosts aren't exactly what most people believe they are. Ghosts are created by spirits with a set purpose in mind (such as opening one's mind to the fact that life continues beyond death, or overcoming our fears of the dead) - as such ghosts aren't likely to harm us much or at all. They just scare those of us who don't know what ghosts are about. (I've even seen a few myself on a number of occasions since 2006, and they [only one existed at a time, and they didn't do much other than stay in place] were just faint gray-ish shadowy blobs that were near me after I'd wake up from a dream. And they'd only exist for about 10 seconds or so or until I'd swat at it.)

bills... billsfan1104

I believe in ghosts. I will never have a seance or allow one in my home. I will never go to mediums. I will never allow a quiji board in my home. I will never buy a house that has Amminityville type windows. And if my house is being blessed and a ghost tells the priest to "get out". I am leaving without my shit, because I believe ghost can hide in the clothes and frniture and shit like that. Hahah

amnew... amnewlon8982

I am confused at times as to whether or not I believe. But shortly after my grandfather passed, he pulled up my grandmother's sewing chair, looked at me and begged me to take care of her. I had just moved in with her at her request because she had not lived alone in 48 years and I was sleeping in his room on the hospital bed he had slept in during the last months of his life. And I am certain the chair was not there when I went to bed because I had to move it to get out of the bed. It was comforting to me because I had intended to go see him the morning he passed but I got a call that he had coded as I was on my way there from work.

Mommi... MommietoJB

↑↑↑↑↑ LMBO

kisse... kisses5050

I would wish I could go to  medium but I would need an extra-large hahahah seriously though--- weird stuff does happen...  but this story... this one I think the stepdad was a weird o

nonmember avatar BS

I had seen that documentary and you can tell that this man is not truthful. Good scam though.

nonmember avatar Kate

I worked with a guy who lived a few houses away growing up and he said all of the claims were false. The family was a bit odd but that was it.

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