NeNe Leakes & Kim Zolciak Are Friends Again, Believe It or Not

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kim zolciakIt's a little chilly today, isn't it? It's because, you guys, hell froze over -- Real Housewives of Atlanta stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak have rekindled their friendship. After years of screaming matches and literal hair pulling, the two former best friends are now back on track. Their reunion was so emotional, apparently, that NeNe had to pull her car over for a good cry ... which makes two of us.

Kim and NeNe were so fun to watch on the first season. They were real, down to earth (relatively speaking), and weren't afraid to get day drunk together on camera and talk shit about everyone else. NeNe was loved dearly by Kim's daughters Brielle and Arianna and the four of them just seemed like one big, happily dysfunctional family.

Then NeNe accused Kim of sleeping with married men for money, and it's never been the same since. Insults flew back and forth for years, ultimately culminating in some stranglings and some I'll-push-your-ass-in-a-fountain threats.

But now? It's all water under the bridge. The two apparently had a long sit-down and worked out all their problems. Eager to share the news that they're back to being besties, both Kim and NeNe tweeted about how happy they are that they're back together.

That said, it's not like we're going to get a chance to see this renewed relationship in action. Kim left the RHOA in a firestorm this season, and NeNe's busy in L.A. with her acting career. 

Hmm -- could a NeNe and Kim Take Atlanta be on the horizon? Andy Cohen, take note.

Are you happy NeNe and Kim are friends again?


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Bonnie Risner

Yes very happy...I feel its long over do......

Patti Marie McClure

Those two have always been my favorites. I would love to see NeNe and Kim together in a show.

nonmember avatar charlene

when ne ne and kim get together, watch out!

Gary A. Nails

They have been friends forever why let TV ruin such a wonderful friendship. A true friendship is truly special and cannot be replaced so value it.

Beth Ann Cassidy

I LOVE the two of them as friends!! They are the strongest, realest, most entertaining women on that show!! Its a mature thing to do and the haters I'd 100% watch a show of the 2 of them...they Kenyas, Phaedras, etc are so lame!!!

TanaElia TanaElia

So thrilled Kim and Nene are back to being best friends again. They knee each other before RHOA and it's av geniune friendship not like Nene's manufactured friendship with Cynthia (Boring) Bailey ) that was a made for TV friendship and when Nene and Kim are together you'll laugh until you cry! love them ♡♥

nonmember avatar Chelle

I am so elated and happy for the both of them I knew that they were going to reunite whereGod is in the midst no man can interfere to NeNe you are my favorite celebrity ever keep reaching for the stars babe bc you are @ the top you have my support you & Kim 100%!!!!!

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