7 Hottest Male Chests in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Mar 29, 2013 Celebrities
7 Hottest Male Chests in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Sean lowe

There's really nothing hotter than a dude who looks all buff and sexy with his shirt off, especially when he happens to be catching a wave, strolling along the ocean, or taking on a friendly game of beach volleyball.

A rock-hard chest is definitely popular with the ladies -- just ask Bachelor Sean Lowe. There are practically campaigns going around right now to get him to take his shirt off on Dancing With the Stars -- because we definitely didn't see enough of his bare body on The Bachelor. (So disappointing.)

Yep, Sean sure has one of the hunkiest bods in Hollywood, but there are a few other guys who deserve a little recognition for giving us a much needed (and welcome) dose of eye candy.

Check out these photos to see more of the hottest chests around. (You're welcome.)


Image via ABC

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