'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Caught on Camera Snorting Drugs (VIDEO)

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jenelle evansIs anyone surprised anymore when a video of Teen Mom Jenelle Evans doing drugs is released online? In this latest clip, which was taken back in 2012 before Jenelle went to rehab (for five days), the 21-year-old is allegedly shown snorting Percocet that she bought from a drug dealer. We know from the show that she's into weed and there have been rumors she's been addicted to heroin, so abusing prescription pills, unfortunately, doesn't seem out of character.

But as much as Jenelle needs to quit using drugs and get clean, she also needs to purge this group of "friends" she's been hanging out with.

Clearly they're just out to make a buck. Why else would they sell this story to Radaronline?

Jenelle does not have the best track record when it comes to selecting her boyfriends and confidants. She was married to Courtland Rogers only a matter of weeks before that blew up in flames. She's pressed charges against ex-boyfriend, and now current boyfriend, Gary Head, and when she was hanging out with Kieffer Delp, sounds like all they did was enable each other.

And now, these "friends", whomever they may be, have dug up old footage of Jenelle and used it against her for their own gain.

There are a lot of things Jenelle needs to change in her life, but finding a new group to hang with should be near the top of the list. Like everyone, she needs people around who only want the best for her, will support her efforts at getting clean, and who aren't total morons with no direction in life.

Our friends are a reflection of ourselves ... here's hoping Jenelle realizes that before it's too late.

What do you think?


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Katy Khan

Are we surprised? She looks like a crackhead and you don't get that look by eating healthy and taking care of your body.

Andrea Paige Newby

Guess what??? It doesn't surprise me... Shes a sorry excuse for a mother... I dont care how many times shes "making a change" or going to do better shes still a little pot head, druggie. and when Jase gross up he will know if he already doesn't

nonmember avatar Shawna Sinkler

Honestly, give the girl a break. This was last year way before she changed. She doesn't even do any of this anymore. She's a totally differen't person now, owns her own house and is married. She's doing way better then before. And like I said give her a break. This was LAST YEAR.

Christina Joslin

she already admited to this.. Old news!

Sanita Wilhelm

thanks for showing that 3 times..i had no idea what snorting was -_- smh...jail

Alie Coverdell

Honestly who cares? who are we to judge what she's doing? Shes a grown women and if she wants to do this with her body who cares? She is a reality tv star not anything special. Just an average person going through average stuff.

nonmember avatar Sydney Hayes

Jenelle Evans you're a piece of shit mother and all around human being. You don't EVER deserve to have your son back. You choose to do drugs over taking care of your own son. You're such a scumbag.

Melissa Benoit

lokgirl u piss me off when talkabout jenelle .like u have room to talk bout her your just jealous cause u ain famous u do drugs to so wht the fuck get out of her life and woy bout urs .... ad another thing i thnk u was tryin to get her 2 get back with kiffer...so u can have courland ... ur a jealous B... GO FIND SOMTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO...... IF WOULD HNESTY C U IN PERSON I WOULD BEAT THE F... OUT OF U. UST MY OPINION

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