Faye Resnick Quits 'RHOBH' for Most Ridiculous Reason

Faye ResnickThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are dropping like flies. First it was Adrienne Maloof, and now reports say that Faye Resnick is hightailing it out of there as well.

Faye wasn't actually ever a Housewife, or even a friend of the Housewives on Bravo's cast list page. She just seemed to pop up and butt in at random times.  According to Radar Online, Bravo is now trying to talk her into coming on full-time, but she wants nothing to do with the show ever again.

A source told Radar Online:

After the episodes aired in which she got into an argument with Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump, Faye started getting all these hateful, nasty tweets — it was just absolutely shocking to her that people are so emotionally invested in the show, and are bold enough to say such ugly and mean things.

No mention of the ugly and mean things she said about the other ladies, of course.

I certainly don't blame her for wanting off the show. In a single episode she become one of the most hated Housewives of all time. The reason she's giving for quitting, however, is straight up laughable.

She says the show is "ruining her life." I'm sorry, was it the show that forced her to butt in where she wasn't wanted? Was it the show that made her accuse Brandi Glanville of breaking up Paul and Adrienne's marriage and call her all sorts of names? Was it the show that gave her no choice but to march up to Lisa Vanderpump at her 30th anniversary party and repeatedly insult her? I think not.

Faye went on the show and acted like she did because she's a fame whore. The show may edit and script things to some degree, but they can't make people say things they don't want to say or act as treacherous as Faye acted this season. She's the one who ruined her life, plain and simple.

I also find it hard to believe that Bravo is begging her to come back. Viewers certainly don't want her back. It's one thing to love the drama that some of the bickering and cat fights bring, but she's just so loathsome and so transparent in her ploys to grab attention that it's sickening to watch. There will be no tears shed over her departure. Farewell, Faye.

Are you glad that Faye Resnick is quitting RHOBH?


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eleph... elephantmamaof2

Ugh, I loathe that woman. She certainly won't be missed!

tuffy... tuffymama

I agree with every opinion you expressed here. Faye is a horrible person. If she even has a soul, it's a blackened, burned-out, little lump.

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Um Didn't Kyle introduce Faye as her friend when they went to Camille's Home in the second season. I am so glad that Faye is walking away from the show though and Shame on Bravo and Andy for trying to talk her into coming on full time

Barbara Schuima

Thank God Bravo is taking out the trash.....I was going to boycott RHOBH and it's one of my favorites.She is the most disgusting person ever on a Housewives show.That rediculous hair style for a woman her age.the falling facelift and the worst dresser ever on TV and her torrid history of being a crack whore she actually thinks she can call ANYBODY OUT............Nasty is nasty and Faye Resnick is NASTY !!!

M Braun Bear

Onething that drives me nutz, is drama queens, FR made her 15minutes around the world for being Nicole Simpsons BFF... Must be seriously aggravating not to be able to ride that story whale forever.

Was she this self evolved before, was Kyle always such 90210 AGED celebrity stalker?
I'm 52, and when I have to pause and ask, 'wtf'' when a character storyline is introduced then somethings up?

Andy, quality over quantity... it works... more brandi, more lisa, more yolanda realism...

less pretty paper: gossipy, vapid women, obsessed by their own elegance!

CAP1015 CAP1015

I think BRAVO is following THE STIR's lead as in having someone so hated it creates hits/viewership. BRAVO will have Faye Resnick and THE STIR can still keep posting those dreadful blogs by Kate Gosselin.

(BTW when did the Stir become a classified Ad section to let bloggers aka Kate pimp their new cookbook?) it's embarrassing

Divina Fabi D'Antona


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