‘RHOBH’ Might Replace Adrienne Maloof With a Socialite Baroness

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Baroness Monica von NeumannRemember during The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion when Andy Cohen joked that next season's new cast member was waiting in the wings, about to come out and be introduced? Good times. I, like anyone out there who watches the show for its ridiculous drama, was hoping it would be LeAnn Rimes. While that's sounding more and more unlikely, there is, in fact, a rumor going around about who is actually poised to replace the Housewife vacancy left by Adrienne Maloof. Radaronline reports that producers are courting Baroness Monica Von Neumann, a "gorgeous and wealthy African-American socialite."

I can already hear Yolanda Foster's digs about how a Baroness isn't really royalty, or how Monica only married into the family, so somehow it doesn't count, and on and on and on. I have a feeling these two wouldn't get along, if only because Yolanda probably wants to be perceived as a Dutch princess, even though she's not.

Anyway, here's the scoop on Monica. She was born into a working class family in Detroit, and somehow ended up at a party in Palm Beach in the '80s where Sonny Bono introduced her to wealthy Austrian Baron John von Neumann, who's credited with bringing Volkswagen cars to the states, and who's the son of the doctor to the Kings of Spain and England.

They fell in love, got married, and jet-setted around the world being all rich and famousy. Then, in 2003, John passed away, which forced Monica to find her own way and make her own living.

Her solution? Become the "black Martha Stewart." Allegedly she wants to make luxury items like scented candles available to the masses.


Apparently, her meeting with the Bravo big wigs went really well and she's just waiting to hear if she got the part. I'm excited to see how this plays out -- Monica sounds like she could be a really interesting addition to the show.

I mean, as long as Faye Resnick isn't invited to join the cast, I'm happy.

What do you think?


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LeeshaE LeeshaE

um there hasn't been a King in England for 50 years

nonmember avatar Tongie Davis

I am so happy about this possible new cast member! I was wondering if there were any women of color in Beverly Hills! Now I'm going to REALLY watch this show!!

Socia... SocialMummy

she met a rich white man and got married? my damn dream. 

Cecilia G. Osburn

If you find her writing "Trash Talk and Lame" Then WHY Do YOU READ it? @ Barbara Palaith Newson...People like you I find UNBELIEVABLE....You are just be unkind for NO apparent reason...BORED MUCH?That ANNOIED ME!!....I'm looking forward to seeing what happens when the show starts again...That Statement REALLY Irritated ME!! NOT NICE!! :(



nonmember avatar Diane

First of all, as long as it is NOT Faye, I am good with it. Secondly, I think you have Yolanda all wrong, she embraces all women she just doesn't like the backstabbing and trashing all women, Pay Attention, she does not want to be a princess she is the Sheriff!

Lilly Aglieco Hughes

I'm confused... If she was rich when he was alive, why is she having to "find her way"? Doesn't she inherit anything??? SHe was after all his wife... Unless he was broke when he died....

Bonita Powers Otey

I thought Yolanda was above the pack but alas, towards the end of this season she showed she could get down and dirty with the best of them (Brandi).  She came in with guns blazin at the reunion.


nonmember avatar Rachel

I think Bravo found Yolanda too boring and too goody 2 shoes. So they must have encouraged her to join the drama. Just saying.

nonmember avatar Lglique

Yes please! And lay off Yolanda she is the most REAL of the housewives!

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