6 Robert Pattinson Movies You Never Knew Existed (PHOTOS)

How to Be Robert PattinsonThere was no Robert Pattinson, THE ACTOR, before Twilight, right? Oh wait, we all know he had that tiny recurring role as Cedric in Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire and Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix. But nothing else, right? Wrong. Rob had a pretty prolific filmography before he became the beloved Edward Cullen. Before he scored his breakout role of America's favorite vampire, Rob played a range of characters with a range of hairstyles. And how did it take me this long to find out Rob has a man on man love scene on his resume?!! 

I have to warn you, though, these movie promo pics may do a number on your monster crush on Robert Pattinson. I mean, no matter what Rob does, he's pretty, but hair and wardrobe can really mess with this man's HOT factor. In a big way. So expect that you might feel a little confused, at the very least, about your feelings for Robert Pattinson after tromping through his eccentric movie past

Have you seen any of these more obscure Robert Pattinson films? If not, do you want to now?

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ashjo85 ashjo85

He's missing something.... oh yeah. Standards.

Judy Swartz

I not only have heard of them I have them all on DVD. You forgot Vanity Fair, where he was cut out, but his scenes are on the extras on the DVD

nonmember avatar Dianne

I also have all these on DVD. What faithful fan of Rob's would not have them. (lol}

nonmember avatar Alexis

Where can I buy curse of the ring I own all of robs films except that one its difficult to find

Debra Anduaga

what makes you think that any Robert Pattinson fan doesn't know about or own any of thes movies he was also in Vanity Fair at the end of the movie and it was cut so the same casting people did Harry Potter so they got him the part in it to make up for the cut in Vanity Fair. really check out things before your report them. Please just leave him alone. and find some other ass to repor on.

Suzanne R Nimmo

I have seen all of his movies except the very first one. It is very obscure and dubbed. I absolutely LOVED "Little Ashes". I thought he portrayed Dali wonderfully! The "love scene" wasn't too over the top. It was a very good story and doesn't get much credit. I had to watch it with my subtitles on to catch everything that was said because of the thick Spanglish accents, but well worth the watch. The Summer House, How to Be, and The Haunted Airman were a little bit of a let down...

Regina Danielle Simpson

Ive literallt seen all of those. LOL I have some of them.I wanna get remeber me.

Dana Blackwell

He also starred in the movie Remember Me.

Kimberly Metro

That's right I too as A TRUE ROBRERT FAN have all of these also!!!

nonmember avatar Pwillie

Seen them all. Liked Little Ashes, Airman and Bad Mother's Gandbook and The dragon king. Got them all from Netflix.

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