'Bachelor' Winner Catherine Guidici Appears Even More Fame-Hungry Than Sean Lowe (VIDEO)

Bachelor Sean Lowe catherine guidiciEven though Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici are one of the most beloved Bachelor couples ever, there's no denying that these two are hungry for fame. Actually, that's an understatement. These two are starving for fame.

I didn't even realize how bad it was until I saw this video of the newly engaged couple. They're chatting with the paparazzi, egging them on, even standing in the middle of the street at one point -- just soaking in all of the attention.

The weird part is, I'm sure we all expected this from Sean. After all, he jumped from one reality show to the next within a matter of weeks. But Catherine was supposed to be that sweet and humble girl-next-door who didn't care about the spotlight.

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Catherine's been bitten by the fame bug. Bad.

The video lasts for a whopping three minutes and forty-eight seconds, and let me tell you, we learn a TON of information. For starters, Sean's guilty pleasure is chawwwk-lat, he still doesn't think he's a diva, and Catherine laughs at absolutely every single thing said. No, seriously. For the entire three minutes and forty-eight seconds.

What I found most interesting was how many times Catherine would chime in to answer the paparazzi's grueling questions. She even answered questions directed at Sean specifically. It was like a dog jumping on a piece of meat. At one point, she even quipped: "Why does nobody ask about my biceps ever?"

And then it made me wonder, why doesn't anyone care about Catherine? Usually the 'winner' of these shows end up just as popular as The Bachelor or Bachelorette. Remember Courtney Robertson or Jef Holm? Whether people loved them or hated them, people still cared.

I think the problem here is that no one really cares about Catherine without Sean, and I'm sure that's going to get old real fast. I mean, what would an interview with Catherine even be like if she was alone? So how is it like breathing the same air as Sean? Is it true you share the same bar of soap?

Do you think Catherine is a little too fame-hungry?


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nonmember avatar Melissa

I don't see anything wrong with this. They are just two everyday people getting attention from paparazzi. Who wouldn't love that in the beginning. I like them!

Sheila Hedrick

I think this author has a little too much time on their hands.  Why so worried about whether they are looking for fame or not looking for fame.  Their business and if their admirers or detractors don't like it...too bad.  

Tori Knowles

I think they just seem real & nice.

Dania Elisse

ummm she's done interviews without him and she was just playing around stop taking everything to serious they were having fun and what do you mean no one cares about her she has so many fans and since when did people care for Courtney please leave them alone

Dania Elisse

oh obviously you (the author) care sooo much about her thats why you can't stop mentioning her

Kelly Pittman

i dont think there all about fame there two awesome people that fell in love on a show that everyone likes and now there getting all this attention and they think its great,they have never had people do this to them before so i dont see anything wrong with it,catherine was playing around and they are both great and i believe they do love each other so they will be ok god bless!!

nonmember avatar Jill Ercillo

How can she be "Fame Hungry" shes only answeing the questions and making jokes. Sean and Catherine are the most real couple that i've seen on the Bachelor.

nonmember avatar gemini06

Agree with the writer..

Ang N Bill

i dont see anything wrong with it at all, she didnt jump in like the author said, was a normal walk and talk like any other celebrity, and face it they are kinda famous now so thers nothing wrong with walking and answering questions if they choose to. they werent gloating on themselves or bragging. they are two cute together and i wish them much happiness and blessings

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