'RHOBH' Adrienne Maloof Should Thank Brandi Glanville for Exposing Her Secret

Adrienne MaloofFinally. After much silence about the big secret bombshell Brandi Glanville dropped about her on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof is talking specifics. Much to no one's surprise, she's blaming Brandi for her departure from the show and her absence from the reunion.

She recently told Us Weekly that the final straw was "Brandi bringing up my children," which confirms what we figured out long ago -- that the big secret is that Adrienne used a surrogate to carry her twin sons. She said she made it clear she wouldn't do the series if her children were involved, and when Brandi crossed that line, she was done.

"She got kicks out of trying to humiliate me," Adrienne told the magazine. Of course she made no mention of what she did to Brandi to make her so mad that she'd drop the bombshell, but that aside, I think at some point Adrienne just may be grateful to Brandi for doing what she did.

Why her using a surrogate was a secret in the first place isn't clear, as there's no shame in it. But having the weight of carrying that secret off her shoulders, and the fear of it being exposed removed, has got to feel pretty darn good. Sure it would have been nice if Adrienne had been able to do it on her own terms, but  Brandi did free her from that.

Also, while I don't believe Brandi caused the collapse of Adrienne's marriage, let's assume, like Faye Resnick does, that she did. Adrienne's now free from a marriage that clearly wasn't working. She has a hot new young man, and seems to be having the time of her life. Without Brandi (as an excuse), she and Paul may have gone on bickering for years.

Finally, maybe someday she'll thank Brandi for pushing her off of RHOBH for good. Let's face it, being on Real Housewives doesn't usually improve the women's lives for the better when it comes to the important things. Sure, they may get some financial gain (which Adrienne doesn't need) and fame, but the rate of divorce and financial woes are astronomical, not to mention their reputations being forever tarnished. Just look at what's happened to Adrienne in the three seasons she's been on the show; who knows what else could happen if she stayed for another season. Getting off now is probably the best thing Adrienne can do, even if she doesn't realize it now. And she probably wouldn't have left without Brandi.

I'm not holding my breath that she's ever going to send Brandi a big bouquet of flowers (or are those supposed to be to say I'm sorry?), but maybe, someday, she'll be able to admit (at least to herself) that Brandi's bombshell actually was for the best.

Do you think Brandi's spilling Adrienne's secret was for the best?


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nonmember avatar Wendy Gray

If Brandi is responsible for her failed marriage then it wasn't a real marriage.

Norma J Brill

 When it comes to talking about the children they should be off bounds. Brandi has no class and has a filthy mouth.

Joanne Hester

I don't want to seem insensitive to Adrienne, but that secret was going to come out someday. I do not think it will hurt her relationship with her children. It doesn't seem to have effected Camille's children. I think some of the remarks Adrienne made about Brandi were very hurtful.  I realize she was angry.  What ever the problem is between Brandi and Adrienne, it got blown way out proportion.  I absolutely do not think Brandi ended that marriage. That is Paul and Adrienne's responsibility. Faye needs to be quite herself, she has made too many mistakes to be judging others.

nonmember avatar Michelle n

If you are afraid of your secrets becoming public knowledge, you shouldn't do a reality show for multiple seasons. A surrogacy secret should not break a marriage. It should bring you closer. It's pathetic to even suggest Brandi broke a marriage of two adults who clearly were having issues since the first season. Brandi speaks the truth and it's hard for most people to handle that!

Patti Marie McClure

If that is the big secret, I don't get why Adrienne got so upset, except for the fact that Brandi outted her instead of allowing her to do it herself. I think it was an over reaction on Adrienne's part, however. Just because Brandi was having issues with Adrienne didn't give her the right to out her the way she did. That's pretty classless, IMO. I do admire the way Brandi did handle herself with Faye each time and I hope she continues to learn some class from hanging with Lisa. As for Adrienne and Paul, I could see that split coming. Paul is very down to earth and silly, but Adrienne, I don't know, she's always got this stick up her butt mentality and it's almost like Paul was an embarrassment to her. So sad because Paul seems like a really great guy to me. I actually used to like Adrienne. She was my favorite BHHW, but this year, she dissapointed me big time. She seemed very self centered and I can't stand those type of people.

nonmember avatar seriously?

That was the "big secret"...really? What a disappointment. What a dumba$$.

Kathleen Wade Caston

No I don't believe Brandi spilling the beans was so great because it wasn't Brandi's business to go there. Even though you're on a reality show, one's very real family affairs should not be exposed nor discussed by anyone other than you. Does Brandi, who is a mother herself, really feel hurling private information about children other than hers, make her so tough? NOT! I can't blame Adrienne for getting away from one who really displays stinky diarrhea of the mouth.

nonmember avatar sensy

Brandi did not do anything wrong war is war and there will be casualties. Who cares if she had a surrogate. That's not talking about the children, its talking about her. And that marriage was sunk from the start.

Anna Maria

I don't understand how Adrienne using a surrogate for her boys was such a "BIG PRIVATE DEAL" and a means for a 'big, fat lawsuit' for defamation? First off, it's not like she was living in a cave in the middle of a far away forest where no one had seen her throughout her pregnancy. I am sure everyone noticed that she wasn't gaining any gurth in her waist as the months went by and  then one day, BOOM, she was a mother of twin boys. Unless she was walking around with a prostetic belly wrapped around her waist, and she was actually delusional enough to pretend that she was in fact pregnant so that everyone around her would believe she was the one who actually gave birth to her boys, then it's truly NOT a secret.

nonmember avatar v. alteri

Don't konw why it was such a big deal unless you were hiding it from the kids. So GLAD you have 3 beautiful sons.... That's the ONLY thing that matters. Hope UR doing well and Paul too. Don't get me wrong but I don't know if it was the cameras , real life, or the editing but it did seem like Paul was much more into you than you were into him....Marriage...sometimes a bummer, right But this shouldn't define your relationship. Getting off the show might be the BEST thing.Good Luck and best wishes.------Vicki

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