Chris Brown & Rihanna May Act 'Like Kids' But She Needs to Use Grown Up Caution

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Chris Brown opened up to Ryan Seacrest Tuesday about the time he used his girlfriend Rihanna’s face as a punching bag, and how “eternally grateful” he is that she has forgiven him. In February 2009, the R&B star punk beat the crap out of the singer and threatened to kill her. Just in case you needed a refresher.

Four years later, Brown and Rihanna are back together, and seem to want to put the past behind them. "I just tried my best to be the best man I could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident," he told Ryan Seacrest.

A source close to Rihanna says she knows he is growing and “she loves that about her man.” She also understands his pain and that “he hurts every time he talks about what happened.” I’m just going to throw out there that it probably doesn’t hurt as bad as getting punched to a bloody pulp, but whatever.

Brown blamed his youth for the incident, saying, “Being at that young age I can tell you I was arrogant and definitely hotheaded ... everybody has a temper, but for me it was not knowing how to control it when I thought I had the world in my hands.” He continued, “I can’t go around blaming. It’s all about my responsibility and me growing up as a man.”

Later in the same interview, he said he and Rihanna “try not to be too grown” together, and try to make sure everything is fun. “It’s like we’re still kids,” he said. I just hope that Rihanna isn’t being too childlike in her trust of him, because he lost the freedom of a fun, “kiddish” relationship the moment he laid a finger on her.

Rihanna is a grown woman and free to make her own relationship decisions. If she wants to forgive Brown and give him another chance -- fine. But she needs to keep her feet on the ground and her head out of clouds when it comes to her boyfriend. He may not be beating on her at the moment, but the kid definitely still has a violent streak.

Would you give an abuser a second chance?

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nonmember avatar newbeggining

You know what I think? I think whoever wrote this article is an idiot. When is this site going to learn that rihanna simply does not care what anyone on this site has to say? I'm glad she's living her life for her. And not you idiots. Or anyone else who has anything to say about her relationship with chris.

nonmember avatar CBradley

@newbeggining - I agree completely!

tuffy... tuffymama

I think that, if you're going to live your life on the world stage, then your deplorably stupid decisions are NATURALLY going to be the subject of discussion, and rightly so. Chris Brown is a punkass POS and Rihanna is stupid for being with him. Little shits like him are ticking time bombs, and they WILL go off with a bang again. I had personal experience with someone like that, and I've seen it over and over and over in girls I've counseled. She doesn't care what people think of her? Fine. But then she shouldn't run crying to anyone for support when he fucks up her face again or breaks her arm next time. Or worse. She's setting a painfully bad example for girls.

Musawale Annemarie

@tuffymama she hasn't run crying to anyone, or asked for your advice or been one of your clients. just because a thing happens to one person doesn't mean it will happen to everybody. as a counsellor you should know that.

nonmember avatar Mr. West

you still hating? you should be fucken ashamed.

Banna Ramana

rihanna and chris are both capable of making their own decision and it is time to leave them alone and let the past go. It is nobody's business but their own and their respective families. We all have our own personal business and responsibilities to tend to so lets just let rihanna and chris enjoy their lives in peace without constant criticisms and reminders. In God's name, please try to focus on our own personal lives.

nonmember avatar nisey

Iagree with banna handle your own personel business. Hate is a powerful and God known how to handle people like this. I pray that God will bless Rihanna and Chris in front of their haters. They are young in life we all made mistake even those people who speaking ill against so clean your own closet.

Bruic... Bruickson

Tuffymama, it's nice to know I'm not the only one with a little common sense. It baffles me that anyone would defend that sorry excuse for a man.

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