Farrah Abraham’s DUI Confessions Make Her Sound Like a Real Moron (LISTEN)

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Farrah AbrahamIt's no secret that Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham isn't exactly running to fess up to the horribleness of her DUI last week. Instead of coming clean about EXACTLY what went down, she's thrown out all of this mumbo jumbo about how she was sick and only out that night because her sister TOTALLY needed her to join her at a party. So essentially, she's blaming her sister (and her sickness) for her stupidity. Right.

ANYWAY. Farrah must have thought that talking to the chipper people at TMZ and giving them her side of the story would make her look better, because, well, she did. But instead, and seriously this just hurts my heart, Farrah comes off as misguided and just plain foolish.

We won't make you listen to the tape, but here -- let me pick out the highlights of Farrah's hilarious TMZ interview for you:

"I was not drinking while getting arrested."
You're kidding!! I'm sure everyone thought the almost swerving into a cop car thing was bologna, and instead, the cops saw you holding a beer and THAT'S why they pulled you over.

"I did blow a 1.47."
Um. Yeah. Wrong. You'd be dead, lady.

"I was drinking throughout the night but I was just getting drinks from friends and I was not really trying to drink."
Looks like that plan backfired.

"When I was approached by a police officer, I was not driving at the time. I was simply turning a corner and parking my vehicle and that's when I was approached."
I'm sorry, since when did a woman sitting in the driver's seat behind a wheel in a moving vehicle NOT constitute driving? Oh that's right ... in Farrahland.

"I was put in a very bad situation and I really have nothing to worry about in terms of being in jail, getting a mug shot, having it look bad on my record."
Because as long as you don't have a mug shot, the grass is greener.

"I did not endanger anyone's life."
Getting behind the wheel with a .147 blood alcohol level is most DEFINITELY endangering someone's life. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Okay, I'll stop picking on her now. But really, why is it SO hard for Farrah to say that she's sorry, she messed up, and move on? Instead of making things better, she's just making a fool of herself. It's time to come to terms with what happened, Far. What's done is done.

Listen to Farrah's full interview, here:

Do you think Farrah is just being ridiculous now?


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Jessica Howell

The area of Omaha in which she was driving is historical, crowded every night of the week with people walking, and is full of stop signs and one-way streets. Every inch she drove was endangering a life, especially in the Old Market area where she was.

nonmember avatar kaerae

So drinking from other people's drinks doesn't count as drinking? Is that like the eating off your kids' plates doesn't count as calories theory?

nonmember avatar lisakphillips

WTH has she done to her face??!!

nonmember avatar Nick

She is a complete and utter moron! Maybe she should talk to people who have buried loved ones because of drunk drivers.

@Kaerae ha that would be awesome about if that were true about calories.

Diane Wardlow Tatakis

FARRAH,didnt you bury your daughters father because of a drunk driver? please stop because you don't want to leave your baby without a mama too.

Jai Hutto

WHAT A MORON! She is ALWAYS blaming other people for her bad decsions. How are you not "driving" when you state that you "turned the corner and parked the car"? THAT is the definition of driving! She brought a sober friend just in case she needed one but the friend doesn't have a license? WTF? Farrah, if you look up spoiled & dumbass in the dictionary you will see your picture! What an idiot.

jalaz77 jalaz77

She has always been an idiot. Never has taken responsibility for any of her actions. It's pretty pathetic actually. Man this pic of her looks horrible, trying way to hard.

nonmember avatar Siriuscat

The cops out there don't record every arrest? I'd be shocked if that were the case. So many liars try and ruin cops careers over $60 tickets, they usually have audio of the actual traffic stop and a dashcam pointed at the suspect vehicle. Amazing to hear audio after a person goes on about rude treatment and the officer is anything but. In the real world just sitting in the drivers seat is enough for a dui. She is admitting to moving the car. Unless I missed the part where is was taking place on her own private property, she's guilty in her own story. And I am over 21, I don't party on St Patrick's day. I'm not even Irish, what a dumb argument. I'm sure they give out more DUIs because its a drinking holiday, not more leniency. What a legacy for Sophia. Her dad killed himself and his best friend drinking and driving, now Mom needs to kill someone ,too. She just thinks she's untouchable. What's to stop Sophias paternal relations to bring her back to court for custody. They can only come after her, if she's unfit. Lately, she's giving them ammo. She hasn't played fair with them up to this point.

coco_... coco_rose

She looks soool old in that photo. If she admited what she did wrong and said sorry it would be over and done with but because she keeps comming out with these lame excuses has people talking about her which she obviously likes. While the media and bloggers are still talking about the bad teen moms its just prolonging their 15 minutes which should have ended a long time ago

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