Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Summer Plans Could Break Them Up for Good

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartAnother day, another dollar, another rumor about the status of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship -- and this time it's a good one.

Supposedly Robsten is planning a European vacation of sorts for this coming summer, where they plan on cruising all over the place in a "camper van" with a bunch of their friends. Did I mention they plan on meeting up with Katy Perry at some point on the trip?

Yep -- instead of holing up in five-star hotels and eating caviar and all kinds of other highfalutin stuff celebs typically do on vacation, Rob and Kristen will be roughing it in an RV, doing God knows what, with God knows who.

(Sure sounds about right, considering how laid back those two are.)

Even though this trip would've sounded like a lot of fun to my 20-year-old college-attending self -- I'm sure I would've hated it after about a week. Those are really close quarters to be living in with other people for any lengthy period of time, especially if you're with your significant other. And it's even worse if your relationship has been a bit on the rocky side for the past few months.

But maybe this trip is exactly what Rob and Kristen need to seal their fate and decide whether or not they really want to be together for the long haul. I mean, I'm sure they'll stop at lots of fun places along the way to take in the sights, but it sounds like they'll be spending most of their time driving and/or sleeping crammed into this RV with their friends.

And in this kind of situation, there's a very good chance that Kristen and Rob could start to get on each other's nerves a little bit. They may find themselves feeling smothered to the point where they'll do anything to get a little bit of space, and that could take its toll on their relationship for sure.

Of course, there's always the chance that being forced to be together 24/7 will actually be a good thing, and it will bring them even closer and make them realize they never want to be apart again.

Yep, I think this road trip may be just the thing to determine the fate of Robsten once and for all. And if they do take this road trip and their romance actually survives, maybe I'll take back everything I said about the two of them never making it to the altar.

Do you think Rob and Kristen will be able to handle this trip?


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Victoria Holt Lodermeier

Why can't people just leave these two alone for once. Nobody cares what happens now lol.

Lisa Woods

Who Cares? Just leave them alone, and let them be a couple, or NOT be a couple. . relationships are hard enough, without constantly always being in the lime light all the time. I believe that most stars end up breaking up BECAUSE of the paparazzi. They don't need everyone up in their business all the time.

Lisa Woods

Amen Victoria~ I'm right there with you! leve them alone!

Natasha L. Sweet

I agree leave them alone. Their relationship is their business maybe they would be able to work thing out for the better if people would stop putting them down all the time. I love them both I think their both great actors and while I'm hoping their relationship last and the eventually get married to each other I know relationships are hard and sometimes don't work out. I just think everyone should leave them be and let them figure out thing without the paparazzi always putting bad thing or overly personal thing in magazines about them.

Gloria Hovis

good toYes I agree with you to Victoria, people just leave them both alone and let them get on with their lives and leave them be. Heres hoping the best for them, and so I wish them both all the luck and best wishes to both love these two. I 'm a fan of both and they do make a great couple and they are beauitful people. So good luck be  each other and be faithful and true to one another.

Dina White

sounds like fun they are regular people like us!!

Patricia Cirone Fisher

They are just people...why can't they just act like people...leave them alone...let them live their lives....

Laura Lynn

You are always so negative when it comes to these two.  If you don't like them, then stop writing about them!

Jennifer Pluta

This sit needs to get a grip. There still kids. Let them have fun.

Marilyn Ward

Sounds fun to me! Good for them!

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