'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki's Partying Puts Her Marriage in Jeopardy

SnookiIt was all fun and games when Nicole and Jenni went out for a wild night on the town, until the first mommy hangover hit Nicole, and Jionni hit the roof when he found out what went down that night. Tonight on Snooki & JWOWW, we saw the fallout of Snooki falling back into her old, wild ways, and it wasn't pretty.

At first Jionni seemed pretty good natured about Nicole getting blitzed. It was the first time she had in 10 months, and he even seemed amused by her "googly" eyes, saying he knew it meant a blackout was coming. The next morning when she was hurting, he happily took Lorenzo out for a walk and let her sleep it off.

It was all going so well ... until it didn't.


When Jenni (whose relationship was also rocky because of the wild night out) came over and reminded her of what went down -- that Snooki made out with Jenni and Ryder -- Nicole knew she was in trouble. "I might not be engaged anymore," she said.

Jenni let loose with her feelings on the matter, and said she felt like Snooki has been pretending to be someone she's not. She said she feels like Nicole is "bowing down" to Jionni and that she doesn't see any longevity in their relationship if Nicole isn't allowed to be who she is (which apparently includes getting drunk, blacking out, and making out with women).

"You're not happy," Jenni told her. Nicole, denied it, but not very effectively. "I'm not like miserable ..." she said.

Snooki was scared to tell Jionni what went down to his face so she texted him. He didn't take it well, and honestly I don't blame him to a degree. There's nothing wrong with moms going out and getting crazy, and I don't think what she did makes her a bad mother. However, when you drink to the point of blacking out, then I think that may indicate a problem, and as Jionni suggested, she may need help if she continues to do so. As for making out with the girls, that may not be that big of a deal, but girl or boy, it is kind of a betrayal of your significant other if you've pledged monogamy to one another no matter how fun it may be.

It was just one night, and I don't think their entire relationship should be doomed because of it. I also think Snooki should be allowed to get wild and crazy sometimes, but there has to be a limit to the craziness. Most of all, I think they have some serious issues to work out before she walks down that aisle.

Do you think Jionni overreacted to Snooki's drunken evening?


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