Ian Somerhalder May End Up Playing Christian Grey, but He Hasn't Forgotten His Roots

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ian somerhalder kissing fan's handOther actors -- especially, you, Stephen Amell with your fancy "meeting-having," pfft, whatever! -- be damned. Ian Somerhalder IS Christian Grey. Well, at least as far as his legions of devoted fans and the actor himself seem to be concerned. For a while now, the guy has been sauntering around Hollywood acting like the role is totally his. (Maybe because E.L. James herself seems to be a fan of that idea?) But hey, assuming that he's going to be the leading man in a hugely anticipated movie hasn't stopped him from engaging in some rather down-to-earth activity lately!

Ian got back to his roots last weekend by heading to his hometown of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi to spend some time with his dear ol' dad, Robert Somerhalder.

He was there to attend the one-year anniversary of Built of Barnwood, a business he co-owns with his brother, Bob, which takes down "old barns, old structures, and vintage wood" and repurposes it into art pieces. It's a reflection of Ian and his brother's aims to green up and save the environment. Very cool.

Of course, it wasn't a totally Hollywood-free event. Over 2,000 fans came to meet the family. Pacific Coast News reports that besides kissing a lucky fan's hand (see above photo), Ian was spied signing pictures, posters, crucifixes and other pieces of art made by the company. And get this -- professional photography packages with Ian were available at a presale price of $25 or $30 at the door for an 8x10in photograph and a digital JPEG emailed. Ha!

Ian may be down-to-earth perhaps, but modest? No way! Still, I guess it was all for a good cause. Also goes to show it certainly doesn't hurt to have a top contender for big screen version of Christian Grey as your business partner, eh?

Does this make you love Ian even more?


em>Image via PacificCoastNews.com

ian somerhalder, fifty shades of grey


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Clara Tezolin


Christian Grey

Laure... Lauren0983

He's definitely NOT Christian to me! 

nonmember avatar Laura

Yesssss he is my 50 shades !!!! Because his eyes and I imagine him like Christian Grey...... Stephen Amell kept dreaming

nonmember avatar Julie

As much as i love ian i cant see him as christain grey sorry

Susan Reynolds Lindsey

He has amazing eyes, and possibly has the attitude, but the body and something else is a bit off. i dont think it works.

nonmember avatar Andrea

I'm with most people who commented so far - I like Ian, I really do, but I just don't see him as Christian Grey at all. Something about him just doesn't fit. I'm not sure if I'd go to see the movie if they cast him. I'd be afraid to ruin this perfect image of Christian I have in my head.

(But in all fairness, Amell doesn't do it for me either. And both he and Ian are publicizing the idea of them as CG a little too much.)

nonmember avatar Lynne

Ian is perfect for the CG role. He is who I imagine when reading the books.

nonmember avatar Crystal

Please, oh, please, let it be true. He needs to be Christian Grey! Those eyes....*melt*

Desiree Hargis-Simon

I believe he would make a good Christian Grey...he is a good actor...and a really down to earth guy. p.s....i was at the meet and greet....he was very nice, was wanting to talk to everyone but they kept saying that the line had to keep moving

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