Adrienne Maloof's Excuse for Skipping 'RHOBH' Doesn’t Make Sense

adrienne maloofAdrienne Maloof is all the rage lately, isn't she? The woman wasn't even on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion last night (coughcowardcough), and she's lighting up the world wide web today with stories of mystery and intrigue! Why wasn't she there? What's her secret really about? Were Kyle and Mauricio really being so friendly to her because they wanted to sell her house? Tell us, Adrienne; tell us; tell us; tell us!

Actually, Adrienne is telling ...

Here's what Adrienne said to WetPaint as to why she bailed on the RHOBH reunion: "I think that Andy has to understand that [ex-husband] Paul [Nassif] and I were under a gag order from the court system, not to be able to speak about our marriage, our children, our divorce."


I mean, yes, of course, her marriage, etc., was going to come up on the show, but that's not the only topic they'd be covering! There were lots of things for Adrienne to address last night. Like, hello, her fights with Lisa and Brandi. And I swear, I've never heard of a more litigious person in my life.

I was bummed Adrienne wasn't on the show last night but, at the same time, not really surprised at all. She knew she was going to get attacked, and she's not one for the hot seat, so she skipped it. Actually, it's classic Adrienne when you think about it.

I hope Adrienne goes on to live a wonderful post-Housewives life, Jill Zarin-style. But as "final acts of Housewives" go: Weak, Adrienne. Weak.

Were you surprised Adrienne wasn't on the show last night?


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Carol... CarolynCal2422

I think Adrienne was scared to attend because she has made so many false allegations against so many of the housewives. She is also a coward that will not accept
responsibility for her actions. She treated her husband so poorly and he still supported her. The Real HouseWives of Beverly Hills are: Brandi,Yolanda & Lisa.

nonmember avatar alyr

She's on tape making repeated false statements so there's no way she could defend herself.

nonmember avatar pat

i'm on team Kyle, and Adrienne, Brandi is Lisa's big brown noser, why does kyle have to stand up for her she already has Brandi fighting her battles. I'm glad Adrienne didn't give that witch the time to have her bitch attack her, and Brandi only got what she asked for talking about her family was not right

Darlene Lathrop

I ditto CarolynCal....Brandi, Yolanda and Lisa all the way!

Judith Grant Lombardo

Never liked her, she thought she was better than everyone else..she is a coward..I am glad she is not going to be on the show next year, one less coo-coo to deal with...

Donna L. Barksdale

Adrienne thinks she's better then thee other cast mates on the show... She thinks because she has that Huge House and her Husband is a Plastic Surgeon that she is above the rest of the girls....and her Husband should have been poked in the face by someone for the way he talked to the other ladies on the show...... I am def. Not on team Adrienne.....In fact I'm glad she's gone..... And Kyle has been so fake this season because of all the Adrienne drama....  Oh who cares if Adrienne had a surogate carry her twins?   It's really no big deal....women do it all the time....regardless of the reason.... Some women don't want to lose their figures, especially when they are in the public eye.... I see NO BIG deal with it..............Admit it and move on.......  But No she had to have all that Drama about it..... Now that Kyle has kicked all of thee other ladies in the face, who is going to be her friends next season?   And Kyle use to be my favorite Housewife from all of the Shows.... 

nonmember avatar Diane

Thank God! There is no way she could talk herself out of all the lies she told which if you looked at Paul's face when Brandi was handing him paperwork from her attorney...shock! He I am sure didn't know what Adrienne was up to either! She is a relentless liar and she has done her bidding on the air where everyone can see. She is a coward particularly after what she tried to pull on Lisa at last season's reunion, what a hypocrite! Gone is Adrienne and now Kyle is driving hard to get her friend Faye on the show, *%! If that happens I will move on to something else, she sickens me.

nonmember avatar Kim

How disgusting for Adrienne to constantly call Brandi the liar when it was SHE who was caught on film repeatedly lying. It's even more pathetic that she's trying to say she quit when everyone knows she was FIRED!

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