The Next '50 Shades of Grey' Has Lesbian Love Scenes & Was Written by a President’s Daughter

till human voices wake usIf you're a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, you may or may not be psyched to hear about this new book by former President Ronald Reagan's daughter, Patti Davis. Her new erotic novel Till Human Voices Wake Us is a lesbian love story that Davis published herself. Davis, whose previous works were non-fiction accounts profiling her dad and her famous friends, attests that this new novel of hers isn't "a Fifty Shades of whatever. It's a love story."

Hmm. Then how would she explain this passage?

She knew my body long before she 'knew' it in the biblical sense. She stood beside me as I studied my naked self in a full-length mirror a week after giving birth to Nathan. 'Oh my God,' I moaned, lifting up the loose skin across my abdomen. 'I'm a bloodhound.'

That's some E.L. James shit right der if I've ever seen it.

Thing is, I don't understand why Davis is trying to distance herself from the Fifty Shades series. It's one of the most popular books, worldwide, of all time. Sure, it's not the pinnacle of literary technique, but guess what? It sells. It makes money, and it's made the author very, very rich.

If Davis knew what was good for her, she'd probably welcome the comparisons to the Christian/Ana saga. Fifty Shades copycats, whether they were intended that way or not, have been very successful in their own right. There's no reason to not gain readers that way.

I mean, if anyone should understand that the trickle-down effect, shouldn't it be Davis? 

Till Human Voices Wake Us is an e-book on sale now for $2.99.

Are you interested in reading this book?


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Lućia Bevilácqua

Sick of hearing "next 50 Shades of Gray." Nope, it's not at all like that book.

Serab... Serabelle

She clearly doesn't want to be compared to 50 shades, but you go and do it anyways! Way to go! Ps, sounds like this is a sentimental story with hints of sex, not a sex story with hints of romance. Sounds pretty opposite of 50 shades to me

Gloria Becks

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bella... bellacazzate

This doesn't appear to be about a rapist, so it can't be the next 50 Shades. 

Megan Johnson

So the only way to get published now is to write something that can be compared to 50 shades of gray?  This is pathetic.  

nonmember avatar Roberta

She probably doesn't want to be compared to 50 Shades and distance herself from it because it is a terribly written piece of tripe and I don't blame her. How in any way is that excerpt remotely similar to 50 Shades? Because she’s naked and Lesbian sex is barely mentioned? You're grasping at straws and coming up empty handed... Just because something is popular doesn’t make it great and it seems as though this book was written from the heart, not the unoriginal and misguided mind of a middle-aged Twilight fan.

nonmember avatar Linda

Cannot compare to 50 Shades series! And NO I would not read it since I am not lesbian.

Roseane Owen

No, i will not read it, because is doesn't compare to 50 shades trilogy


Angela Hodges-Tompkins

to bellacazzate, a rapist, really?  What a sick and derogatory comment to make.  Is that what you gather when you read 50 shades, or read people's comments?  There is nothing about rape in that trilogy.  Please get your facts straight, before you start making comments that are inaccurate. 

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