Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Caught in Deep Conversation -- What Were They Saying?!


Thank GOD Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back on U.S. soil together -- and planning their wedding! I mean, sort of. Maybe. Let's face it, we don't know what the hell is going on with these two. But we do know they're hanging out because one of those trusty stalkerazzis caught them indulging in a romantic stroll around a Los Angeles neighborhood, looking deeply in love. Haha. Of course they didn't. They looked like they were two sulky strangers who happened to be walking in the same direction.

The couple (?) were spotted wandering around, picking up snacks at a local shop, posing for a photo with a fan, and fighting to see who could dress the most schlumpy. (It's a tie.)

Although they were never once caught kissing, holding hands, smiling, laughing, or even, you know, looking at each other, one can tell they were in deep conversation. And I think it went a little sumpthin' like this:

Kristen: Soooooo how was Australia?

Rob: Eh.

Kristen: In a bad mood?

Rob: Eh.

Kristen: I mean, you haven't smiled since ... I've known you.

Rob: Well, you don't either.

Kristen: I wasn't because you weren't.

Rob: Okay. You go.

Kristen: No, you.

Rob: You.

Kristen: I just did.

Rob: What? No, you didn't.

Kristen: I did. It was really fast. Now you.

Rob: You're a cheating little wench.

Kristen: Get over it, dude.

Ahhh, young love.

What do you think KStew and Rob were discussing?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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Connie Ahles Stennes

THAT is really offensive! Ever hear of  "if you can't say anything nice.....?" And how do you know what they might be saying anyhow? How would you like it if every time you wanted to buy a bag of chips, somebody shoved a camera in your face and made up a story about you? Would you be smiling????

nonmember avatar jany

you are bitch envy,i love you Robsten

Yuni Anjani

yes they both are a matching pair and have love. hopefully they really want to be happy with each other :) it's very unusual :D Yeaaahh

nonmember avatar KStew Krew

Wow, I was really liking your article here..until your nasty comment at the end....ever hear of, and this is for you are a nasty jealous wench and a bitch. You and the other haters and gossip sites really love your jobs don't you. I would love a job where I got to be judge and jury of someone and post shit about them too. I would love to blind hate on someone and speculate and sensationalize someone's private life. Disgusting and sad. Who is worse?...the stalkerazzi or the gossiping haters. They both float well together in the turd bowl of life.

Cathy J Zink

Wow and you call yourself a writer?? Really?? Sorry but you suck at it!!  Why don't you go get yourself a life and STOP hating on people that you don't even know to begin with!!

Leticia Parsels

i really like kristen's comment. I hope that was really her cuz i am like her biggest fan. and we both have the same birthday...diff year of course. anyway who is anyone to always be up her ass with every single liltle thing she does. shit i'm suprised they don't try to hear her pee.. 

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