What Alexander Skarsgard Wants Ellen Page Can't Give Him

alexander skarsgardBad news for Ellen Page (evil grin): Sounds like Alexander Skarsgard's heart belongs to ... Sweden! So unless the teeny-tiny Juno actress wants to follow her big tall Viking boyfriend to the birthplace of Dagstorp sofas and Flärdfull bookcases, looks like this love story (as IF) is doomed. Doomed, I tell you! DOOMED!

For true. Because Skarsgard recently opened up about life in Stockholm vs. life in Los Angeles, and it sounds like Eric Northman is just a bit homesick ...

As Skarsgard explains:

"I like to party, I like to drink and hang out, but I don't go to clubs very often in LA, but I do when I'm in Stockholm, I go out a lot. My life is better in Stockholm. I recommend it!"

My life is better in Stockholm ... far away from Ellen Page. Oh come on, that's obviously what he was thinking, he's just too classy a guy to say something like that out loud. His need for Swedes isn't only about the nightlife, either -- Skarsgard misses the down-to-earth Swedish mentality of his old friends, the people he credits with keeping him grounded:

"We have a saying in Sweden that means, 'Don't be too different. Don't be too good.' It's like, 'We wish you success but not too much success. Don't get carried away.'"

Aw, he's so humble and stuff. And let's not forget -- Skarsgard has a history of seeking out sexy Swedes (two at a time, even!). So I think it's safe to say that either this whole ASkars/Ellen Page thing is a sham (my personal opinion) or it's bound to fizzle before long.

Also, I hear Sweden is lovely this time of year.

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard will dump Ellen Page for a Swedish girl?


Image via Nick Step/Flickr

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jalaz77 jalaz77

His life doesn't sound better back home. He sounds like he is bummed cause he doesn't party enough in LA. That to me sounds like he should avoid home if that's what he does. Swedish or American girls won't put up with that forever.

Tammy Holmstrom

Ummm what difference does it make what we the public think. It's NONE OF OUR BUSINESS. It is their life stop reading so much into comments made who knows when.

Petrina Leplatt

I think its a good trait to want to go back home. Now granted I only live 5 hours away from home, but i miss visiting the places I used to go all the time, after a while it starts to get to you. All i can say to him is go home be happy, don't just settle. And your right they are people just like us, let them be. Its not like your gonna start a story about your friends cheating ways on here so why do it to them.

nonmember avatar Sara

Alexander, when you want where you want, I would follow you at the end of the world if you ask me!

nonmember avatar Tony

Ellen, sweetheart, it's just as well. Alex's fussing, worrying and pickines would eventually just overwhelm your sensitive and delicate nature. You're much better off (and romantically much more blissful) with someone like, say, Ryan Gosling.

Ma Barker

Ryan Gosling? .LOLOLOLOLOL yeah sure, go from champagne to gut rot gin. The man is gorgeous, can act and loves his family and misses his home, nothing wrong there.  And on the other hand we have Ryan Gosling who is just  .............................. dull, very very dull. And as for the run of the mill ordinary looks ............................ dull once again. So if Ellen had a choice between tall, gorgeous, very talented,humble, or mediocre acting/mundane in other words, dulllllllllll  I think she may just be tempted to go by way of  Sweden  ;)

Vivienne Callahan


nonmember avatar Chris

Did I just read someone say "mediocre" and Ryan Gosling in the same sentence? See yourself out. And never come back.

And had no idea these two were dating...mind (kind of) blown.

Lori Ann Vassallo

The Ellen and Alexander "romance" was just publicity for their film. I always think that it's dumb when actors participate in that stuff--after all we--the public tend to eat it up (remember "Vince and Jennifer" romance of long ago). He's into tall model types and running around--that's his business--not ours. If he wants to go back to Sweden--who's stopping him. And for the record, Ryan Gosling is not "mediocre," and he's a good actor too (Drive).

Anne-Lise Ackenhausen

It's like you WANT them to be seperated. It's their personal live, and if they're dating, then fine, and if they're not, that's alo fine. Rumours about dating will always buzz around after a movie, but that doesn't always mean that they actuall are...

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