Robert Pattinson Finally Spills the Beans on His Wedding Plans With Kristen Stewart

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Robert Pattinson & Kristen StewartWell, well, well. After hearing Robert Pattinson's thoughts on marriage to Kristen Stewart, I can't say that I'm the least bit surprised. The subject of the two of them tying the knot came up in an interview with Blackbook magazine, because pretty much everyone is dying to know whether or not there is any truth to the rumors that Rob and Kristen already have wedding plans in the works.

And believe it or not, Rob finally spilled the beans and gave an answer -- though it's not one that many fans will be satisfied with.

When asked about whether the wedding rumor is true, Rob simply said, "It's not." But then he added, "At least, not yet."

Wow. Way to throw a little suspense into the mix and keep us guessing, huh?

Oh come on, I don't care what he says, there's no way this wedding is ever going to happen. Yeah, yeah, I know that Rob and Kristen are back together now that he's done filming The Rover and they're all happy again -- but somehow I just don't see their bliss lasting very long.

First of all, things have been really, really wishy-washy between them ever since the whole cheating scandal went down. And does anyone else think it's weird that Kristen never went to visit Rob in Australia once while he was on location there? It's not like they don't have the means to charter a private jet to enjoy a romantic rendezvous anytime they please -- so how come she never ventured Down Under? (Something's fishy there, all right.)

I'm gonna go ahead and say it -- I'll be absolutely shocked if these two so much as get engaged, let alone ever actually make it to the altar. I wouldn't even be surprised if the recent "reunion" between them is nothing more than a publicity stunt to throw people off track for a short time -- until another inevitable split is announced.

Maybe I'll be proven wrong, but for now, I just don't see marriage in the cards for Robsten.

Do you think Robert and Kristen will tie the knot eventually?


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Tiffany Wilson

No. I think they've had a fake relationship for a long time.

Rashi Nanda


Carol Turgeon Lamprey

it doesn't matter what I think. they will do what they please, and it will be their business! people need to get a life and leave celebs alone. just cuz they have the lavish life style, its cuz they earned it. people who make movies and do reality shows, they work hard as if it were a company. not all celebs are low life loafers who basically get it handed to them!  

nonmember avatar Rose

Why don't people just leave these two alone. Why start all this bogus stuff. They are too young to be thinking of marriage. They have their careers ahead of them. But if they decide to get married, great for them. I wish them lots of happiness. They deserve to be happy.

As for visiting Rob in Austrailia, how do you know she didn't go? I'm sure the media there is more respectful of ones privacy.

I don't know why I even took the time to respond but it's enough. Leave them alone.

nonmember avatar Jordan

haha ... a five year fake relationship??? Get over yourself.

Jennie Ballew

what will beill be,who knows,not these rag news reports,either report REAL stuff or don't bring them up

nonmember avatar frances lee

these two are young, they are allowed to make mistakes.i think they are too young to get married, even though they are so cute together nither one knows exactly what they want yet, so stay together, but waite.

Shirley Sorrow

This is an old comment made by Rob.  As for things being wishy washy between them how would you know?  None of us knows anything except what they tell us.  All you have to do is go back to the beginning and watch their love grow....both on and off screen.  Please stop making up stories about Rob and Kristen.  Why don't you bother someone else for awhile????bad   

nonmember avatar Tashina

This interview was done before the cheating scandal came out! FYI

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