'Bachelor' Sean Lowe Disappoints 'DWTS' Fans Yet Again (VIDEO)


Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydDude. If Bachelor Sean Lowe keeps making the same mistake every single week on Dancing With the Stars, he's totally going to ruin his chances at making it to the finals. No, I'm not talking about playing dumb when it comes to the rumors about him hooking up with partner Peta Murgatroyd.

I'm talking about the fact that for two weeks in a row, Sean has failed to remove his shirt on the dance floor.

Ok, so I guess I can understand why he kept it on the first week, but he was dressed as a lifeguard for last night's jive, for crying out loud.

Hello? Since when do lifeguards wear shirts? Wait, let me rephrase that. Since when do lifeguards who are super-hot and have bodies as buff as Sean's opt to keep their tops on?

During his season of The Bachelor, Sean's abs practically got more attention than he did. And that's probably why fans were all bent out of shape during DWTS last night after he failed to give us a glimpse of his six-pack yet again.

Take a look at his performance in the clip below -- don't you think it would've impressed the audience more if he'd chosen to forgo the tank top?


Ugh. Throw us a bone, Sean! Yes, your biceps are awesome, but they're such a tease. Stop messing with us already and strip down for week three -- we're begging you.

He already has a loyal fan base since he's fresh off The Bachelor, but can you imagine how many more votes he and Peta will get if DWTS viewers who aren't familiar with him get to see what all the fuss is about?

The phone lines will be ringing off the hook. I promise.

Have you been impressed with Sean's dancing skills so far?


Image via TheVocalVault/YouTube

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Roberta Howard

So it is about ratings and body parts. Not dance skills.. I knew there was a reason I do NOT watch


nonmember avatar My Thoughts

Why must Sean taking off his shirt for no reason, if you support him then you should give him encouragement to learn the basic dance move and improve from there, rather than opt for him to take his shirt off. If he listen to some pathetic people to take his shirt off for the 2nd weeks, that shows he is not serious to learn but he prove all all you wrong, because like he had said this is the one opportunity and only chance that he would like to learn how to learn to dance from a professional dancer like Peta to teach him how to move and dance before his wedding dance. Got it!!!.

nonmember avatar Sarah

Peta is beauty and Sean is great guy everything works for them good luck

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