'DWTS' Recap: Kellie Pickler Must Be Hiding Something (VIDEO)

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Kellie Pickler & Derek HoughWow. What a difference one week makes, especially when it comes to this season's Dancing With the Stars contestants. Even though there were a few exceptions, for the most part, there was improvement all across the board tonight.

Front runners are already emerging, and up until the final dance of the night, Zendaya definitely stood out as the one to beat. Her jive with Val Chmerkovskiy was nothing short of exceptional, and it's obvious that she has amazing dancing skills.

But then Kellie Pickler came out and performed a modern jazz routine with Derek Hough that still has me shaking my head in awe.

Um, Kellie was good last week, but tonight? Yeah, tonight she was ridiculous. Where in the heck did a former American Idol contestant from a tiny town in North Carolina learn to move like that?

I know she was a cheerleader and competed in pageants and all, but that kind of dancing ability simply can't be learned overnight, can it?

Considering Kellie's performance tonight resembled how most DWTS cast members dance closer to the end of the season, I'm going to go ahead and hazard a guess that Kellie has had some sort of dance experience in her background. Whether it be taking classes as a little kid, or busting a move with the stereo turned up in her own home -- that girl has to have danced before.

In case you missed it, here's the clip of her jazz routine with Derek. It's pretty amazing.

If Kellie continues at this pace, there's no good reason why we won't see her and Derek compete in the finals. They've definitely got what it takes to win -- and it's obvious that they want it BAD.

And as for who will likely be going home on tomorrow night's results show, it's probably going to come down to either Dorothy Hamill, Victor Ortiz, or D.L. Hughley. Even though some of the other contestants fell into the middle of the pack, those three stood out as the least likely to be able to handle another week.

What did you think of Kellie's performance? And who do you think should go home?


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nonmember avatar Elle

I looked up Zendaya's bio and she is described as an actress, dancer and singer. She even has an award for doing all three. So, it's not even fair to the other contestants. Kellie Pickler's leg extensions and the way she moves led me to google if she had dance experience or background. How can Jacoby or Wynona even compete with Zendaya and Pickler? Zendaya should have been excluded as she was/is paid as a dancer; it's part of her profession. I wasn't too crazy about that other singer/dancer of Pussycat dolls either who won sometime ago. She was a singer and dancer.

mande... manderspanders

For as much as I don't care for that style of dance, Kellie Pickler was absolutely stunning... her form was perfect! This gal is so talented all the way around... I hope she does well.

Nancy Bull Shifflett

I love Derek, so who ever he is with, Thats who I want to win..

Karen Miller

Kellie and Derek's morden jazz was A maze ing!!!! You can tell she's had lots of cheerleading experience, tats why her lines are so perfect and her movements so sharp. It also makes her a fierce competetor! I coached competitive cheerleading for 13 yrs, believe me these girls take it very seriously. Her experience here could very well make her the winner. And it really isn't because of her cheerleading experience only, cheerleaders as a group are some of the hardest working atheletes I know!! Go Kellie & Derek!!!!

Sabrina Brooks

loved it....most awesome..loved on her idol been a fan ever since...i don't care if she has had some dance experience...some of the others have also..

Mindy Eisenberg Troge

I didn't know much about Kellie Pickler before seeing her on DWTS, but she is awesome and I'm rooting for her! I'd guess that Victor or Lisa will be going home tonight.

Joe Wood

Outstanding , Nice .

nonmember avatar anita

derek n kellie !awesome

nonmember avatar Patrick

Love me some KP! (As an Army veteran, the only KP I ever loved). You go girl! Dang, I don't even like short hair on a lady, but she is gorgeous with hers.

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