'RHOBH' Season 3 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Kyle Richards Gets Called Out

Kyle RichardsTonight was part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and after everyone trashed Adrienne Maloof for not showing (she deserved it), they moved on to one another. Surprisingly it was Kyle Richards who took the most heat this round.

For someone who tries to take all sides all the time, she was getting hit from all sides. And really, it's about time. I used to be a big fan of hers, but the whole innocent, peacemaker role she tries to portray just isn't accurate, and people have started to see through it. I think she may genuinely believe that she's the nicest, kindest Housewife ever, but nobody else does.

When Yolanda Foster was talking about how none of the ladies really made an effort to bring her into the group, Kyle just couldn't stand it that she was lumped in with everyone else, and tried to argue up and down that she did try, but it was Yolanda's fault it didn't work. Nothing is ever Kyle's fault.

Lisa Vanderpump totally called it like it is when she said her friendship with Kyle had changed after Mauricio sold her house. She said she knew that Kyle's friendship with Adrienne was motivated by her husband's business too. Ding. Ding. Ding. Kyle acted appalled by this notion that's obvious to everyone but her.

When Kyle felt backed into a corner for being called two-faced, she shot back at Yolanda. "Why don't you say what you said about Lisa in Paris?" Then she accused her of saying that Lisa is fake and phony and was only pretending to care about Kim Richards' well being.

Yolanda a denied it vehemently, but the real question was would Lisa believe it. Her answer: "I don't believe it." Oof, maybe Brandi isn't the only one replacing Kyle.

While earlier Lisa said she still cared about Kyle and that they would have to slowly rebuild their relationship, I don't know if it can be repaired after tonight. Part two of the reunion is next week -- stay tuned.

Do you think Kyle lied about what Yolanda said about Lisa?


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nonmember avatar judy lee

Yes, i think kyle lied. i also believe lisa when she said her relationship with kyle had changed after kyles husband sold her and Kens house. remember season one when kyle had to bite the bullit hard with camele after she got a text from her and kelsey that they wouldn't be doing bus with her husband. remember the conversation between kyle and hubby... he couldn't believe kyle had acted that way to his clients and how much he prompted kyle to fix the problem so he could have them back as clients. kyle sucked right up to camele and, camele was the one who was lying and being the real bitch.

Barb Weidman O'Neill

leave Kyle alone she is the only one that makes any effort at all and Yolanda needs to leave she is a trouble making bitch

Irene M. Pine

no I really don't believe kyle lied about that but frankly I am getting sick and I mean sick of watching kyle and kim sit next to each other and talk to each other about how they need to become better sister and better friends my goodness this has been goingon since day one. Personally these two are straving for attention and they both feed off eachother and the world would go alog anf those two would still be in a side table some where still wi=hispering but kim I always repset you , you just made me mad,,,,, kyle booo hooo sniffle sniffle you make me so mad cause you did wave at me and I dress so nice just so you would know that .... on and on grossssssssss,,,, bravo please it old can you find new ladies....

2rcom4t 2rcom4t

Yolanda did say some of the things Kyle mentioned and she should have owned up to it, Everyone needs to watch the Paris episode again, But Kim isn't really working that hard on her recovery if she is hanging out with the girls while they are drinking she needs to attend more meetings and stop being so sensitive to what everyone says or we will be subjected to more of her boo wooing  over how mean they are treating her while she is working so HARD on her recovery. Oh Kim why would you even have pills that you should no longer be taking with you on a trip bad move lil girl I know what your up to.

nonmember avatar LoneWolf

Kyle is trying to live down the mean girl label she earned last year. She made a point to not be involved in any conflict She made mistake of sharing real feelings with best pal Faye who spoke for her.

She stabbed Lisa last year and this year. Hope Lisa is not holding her breath waiting to be backed up.

I am tired of Kyle and her self perceived perfect ways. Kyle has no short falls in her own eyes all things are the faults of others. She should quit the show review the way she treats others especially her sister who her friends really are especially Faye and just play store.

abra819 abra819

Kyle also has midget hands.

DiAnn Garancosky

Yolanda is lying,because part of what Kyle said was aired.....when they were standing by Kim's door at the hotel is when she said it.

Erin Mary Van Ginhoven

does nobody remember when Kyle was all too proud to replace Lisa with Taylor when they were holding hands at some stupid luncheon making inside jokes and leaving Lisa to feel like an outsider? Kyle laughed about it and now are so appauled that Lisa might do the same.

nonmember avatar Karen

Kim and Kyle are actors hello??? This is all an act...Kim saying that she remembered anything from Paris is a joke she was higher than a kite and I am sorry you read the label don't buy the story that she accidently took the wrong pill. As for Kyle and Mauricio not only do I remember the issue from Camille in Season 1 and know that according to Kim they stole her house from her...Love Brandi Love Yolanda Love Lisa - Taylor was a jerk this season- so glad the Maloof Hoof is gone and that Brandi outed her for lying about her level of ownership at the Palms...remember last season when she dressed Lisa down for Pandy not having her shower there?? Camille - never liked that snake who talks crap about her ex on the show....huge no no sweety...so glad she is gone and finally Faye I remember her at the OJ trial and she is Kyle and Kim's mounth peice...inflaming Faye well she just needs to go away.

Glenda Jean McMillin

No, I don't think Yolanda said anything like that.  She is too much of a real lady to stoop that low.  Kyle is two faced and not the sweet, innocent, super mom she tries to portray.  Kyles is out for Kyle and no one else.  The best defense is an offense, and Kyle does that well.

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