The Wrong ‘Teen Moms’ Were Nominated for Outstanding Reality Star Award

farrah abrahamEver heard of the EOTM Awards? Me neither. Apparently they're a thing, though, and trophies are handed out to celebs in a bevy of categories, not the least of which is Outstanding Reality Star. Any guesses as to who was nominated? If you guessed DUI-getting, drunk-tweeting, plastic-surgery-loving Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham, you'd be right.

However, she's not the only Teen Mom who's in the running. Think you can name the other?

If you guessed Catelynn Lowell, whose adoption story has inspired thousands, whose efforts to get healthy have motivated her fans, whose extremely long-term relationship with fiance Tyler Baltierra is more mature in many ways than folks twice their age, whose general positivity and clear-headedness despite her less than ideal childhood have made many an individual wonder what the hell they themselves have to complain about, you'd be wrong.

The other nominee was Maci Bookout, a young woman with cupcake tattoos and a penchant for switching up her hair.

EOTM is ostensibly honoring and/or highlight celebrities who have some sort of entrepreneurial aspect, so I can see why Farrah's nominated. I mean, there's nothing that girl hasn't tried. From writing a memoir to writing a children's book to writing a song to making pasta sauce, it's hard to really put your finger on Farrah's biggest accomplishment.

I'm not really seeing what Maci's done.

But hey, if I had to nominate any of the Teen Moms for this award, it'd be Catelynn and Kailyn. Those two are well-meaning young women with great heads on their shoulders. Maci and Farrah? Eh, jury's still out.

Who do you think should win: Maci or Farrah?


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nonmember avatar Milena

Maci Bookout has a career as a motivational speaker in which she travels the country talking about teen pregnancy prevention and sharing her story. She has spoken at dozens and dozens of schools and gets rave reviews. She also has a radio show, hosts an web series for MTV, and is getting her degree in journalism. All of these things are related so she can really build a career in that field. On top of that, her son Bentley has been getting into racing, and even though he is only four years old, already has sponsors! Of course he didn't go out and try to get sponsors for himself, this too has to be Maci's doing. Maci is taking care of herself and her son's future by creating these opportunities for them.

Honestly think these things are better than anything Farrah is doing, since it seems she's up for any gimmick that will make her a quick buck.

lvmom76 lvmom76

Why are we rewarding bad behavior!

twili... twilightsbella

I agree with lvmom. These kids got pregnant as teenagers and there getting rich off of it. Do u really think teenage girls are gonna say no they dnt wanna get pregnant when they knw if they do they can become famous. This show aint teachin how to prevent pregnancy its teaching them get pregnant young and u can become rich and star in a reality show. Wtf is wrong with this world today

nonmember avatar Jelly

I can't be the only one thinking this, but really twilightsbella? Really? Just your handle alone is just enough. But let's dust off the old record books and see where you're wrong on more than just one thing. The U.S. teen birth rate has declined 9 percent and reached a historic low in 2010. And that's just 2010 and I'm not counting the 8% decline SINCE 2010 to 2011. Also to be pointed out is that 16 and Pregnant debuted in the summer of 2009 and Teen Mom debuted in what year? OH SHIT!! Dec. 2009 with a grand total of 2.1 million viewers, just for the first episode. In total these shows have reached over 31 million people. Coincidence? I don't think so. Some teenagers actually watch these shows and start practacing safe sex so they DON'T end up in these situations. Don't treat children (I use this term lightly) like they're idiots and don't know anything. They do have brains and can learn from these shows. As far as you saying that some of these girls get pregnant on purpose, how do you know? Do you know any of these girls? Have you spoken to them? My bet would be no, and really it's none of your business if they got pregnant on purpose or not. But I bet that you secretly LOVE this show and have watched every episode.

nonmember avatar Miss Mae

a dedicated Teen Mom & Teen Mom2 viewer, I can DEFINITELY say that Farrah Abraham should NOT be nominated! For one...both her and Chelsea should have animal control called on them...sure that may be a bit rough on Chelsea but I would add PETA to the list of people that should check up on Miss Abraham. her daughter even knows they are better off with only a fish. I'm always blown away by the ignorant people that think MTV is trying to promote young pregnancy with this show. Are you kidding me? Who's shoes would you like to be in? Really. The strongest couple isn't taking care of a child! I won't even talk about the city they are stuck in...I've lived there and I wish them all the luck in the world on getting the hell out. I don't know how anyone CANT view Teen Mom as a life learning lesson. Who gets nominated for being a real person anyway?

coco_... coco_rose

I agree with milena and jelly. I think Maci should win she is confident and inspiring she is a motivational speaker which is great. As for ivmom and twilightsbella it does not glamorise teen pregnancy at all it shows how hard it really is. How many relationships last after having a baby not many its not like it shows them living happily ever after does it no it shows the struggles they face at suddenly having to grow up and be a parent. Amber is in jail thats not glamorous at all janelle has serious issues that she needs to work on again not glamorous maci studying and dealing with baby daddy ryan not glamorous either. Yes they do silly things but they are still young nobody is perfect

Amanda Minelli

Catelynn or Maci, I feel they are the only ones that should have even been considered!

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