Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are All Over Each Other as They Party With Katy Perry (VIDEO)


kristen stewart robert pattinsonRihanna and Katy Perry used to be inseparable best friends, but now it seems that Kristen Stewart has taken the "Diamonds" singer's place. What's more, Robert Pattinson is even in on the friendship. The three were recently spotted hanging out at an intimate birthday dinner for Katy's assistant, and at the Kids' Choice Awards last night, KStew and Katy were so close, they were actually on top of one another.

I guess this is the empirical evidence, and the video, everyone needed to put to rest the rumors that Robsten is breaking up. Not only are they together, but they're closer now than (we've ever seen) before.

In this extremely short video that goes by in a blink, you can see one Kristen climbing on top of one Rob to take his picture. She's all up in his face, and he doesn't even seem to mind. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

Many people are invested in the Robsten love story, and to those who are, I say, here. Here's something to hold on to. Not only are they physically all over each other, but they're hanging out with Katy Perry, a mutual friend.

See guys? Everything's nice and normal. Kristen and Rob are solid. They're going to parties, they're taking pictures, they're smiling, they're chilling with friends. That doesn't sound like a couple in trouble to me -- in fact, it sounds like a couple in harmony.

And hey, now that Katy Perry's single, maybe Rob could hook her up with one of his friends, and the four of them could go on double dates. I hear Taylor Lautner's available.

Here's the video of KStew all up in Rob's grill at Katy Perry's assistant's birthday party:

Do you think Robsten's still going strong?


Photo via La Saga Robsten/YouTube

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nonmember avatar Georgia

Rob has been friends with Katy since before Twilight I believe.

nonmember avatar Rational Human

All up in his grill...Really? Did we watch the same 7 SECOND video?

Tonia Fargo Kastner

Too funny she is not even touching him, but standing over him on steps or something LOL. Better re-watch the video and hit the pause button or something.

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