Farrah Abraham Gives Most Ridiculous Excuse for Her DUI

Farrah AbrahamIt's been exactly one week since Teen Mom Farrah Abraham was arrested for a DUI -- and clearly in the past seven days, she's learned absolutely nothing. In fact, the MTV star doesn't even think she did anything wrong. Why, you ask? Because according to her, she wasn't even drunk the night of her arrest.

Now I know what you're thinking: didn't Farrah blow TWICE the legal limit on the breathalyzer that night?

Well, yes. But here's Farrah's version of the story (as summarized by moi) ...

So Farrah was really sick, you guys. Really, really sick. So sick she didn't even want to go out. But being the respectable, responsible young lady that she is, she decided to accompany her sister to a party to make sure she got home safely. What a great sister ...

So around 10 p.m. Farrah was so tired (not to mention sick, remember?) and wanted to go home. But, ugh! Her sister just didn't want to leave. So Farrah decided to throw a few brewskis back in the meantime. What better way to pass the time at a party, right?

Fast forward to 12:30 p.m. and there's a cop in Farrah's face and he's like ... TOTALLY mean, you guys. And yeah, she may have gotten a tad bit defensive, but it was ONLY because she was sick! Colds are no fun, you know?

So then she was forced to take a breathalyzer by the big, bad cop. And yeah, maybe she blew nearly twice the legal limit. But hello? SHE. WAS. SICK.

And that's how it went down ... Riiiiiight. Oh man, Farrah, you must have some defense team on your side to come up with this. Last time I checked, being sick doesn't make your alcohol level go up. You know what does make your alcohol level go up? Alcohol. Which you openly admitted to drinking earlier in the night to "pass the time." And since you did drink alcohol that night -- allegedly twice the legal limit -- you have no reasonable excuse to be in any driver's seat of any car.

Try again, Farrah.

Are you buying Farrah's excuse?

Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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Dana Gibson


Stephanie Goese-Goble

she was one of the mother's I didn't really like her, she didn't stay home with her baby just let her parents watch the baby, while she went out and partied, hello you spread your legs and got pregnant you need to take care of your baby

Amber Allen

I have been hit by a drunk driver before so i lost all respect for anyone who drinks n drives you are very ignorant as well i hate when people put other people's lives at risk for there stupidity. makes me sick in fact you make me sick. And you have a child sham on you sham on you... your daughter will learn from you one day hope she don't turn out like you.

Rose Marie Tingle

Guess being the responsible adult she claims to to be then maybe she shouldn't be drinking while taking care of her daughter. she aslso shouldn't be going out to have fun.

nonmember avatar Sam

Whata total jackassfest that musta been

Stephanie Sherlock

This is so beyond ridiculous. I have no respect for people who drive drunk. If you want to go home that badly, call a cab, ask your parents..ask SOMEONE. She's lucky she didn't kill herself, let alone another person. So many people's lives have been ruined by people like her. I lost my older sister to a drunk driver, and it just made me even more positive that I would never drive drunk.

Rose Marie Tingle

Being the responsible adult she claims to be then maybe she shouldn't be out partying and drinking. She should be home with her daughter. She eneds to learn to accually be an adult.

nonmember avatar kaerae

She's getting a midwestern judge, not Lindsay Lohan's judge. This excuse crap is just going to piss of the judge. She'd be better off amitting to her mistake and taking an alcohol class. BTW, if you're taking cold medicine with alochol in it, it says on the label not to drink AND not to drive. It doesn't matter if she got drunk off of cough syrup or beer, drunk is drunk.

Alann... AlannaMaria

That chick is so numb.. What a dumbass!

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