Jesse James Marries Alexis DeJoria -- 4th Time's a Charm?

jesse james alexis dejoriaHey, guess who just got married again? America's favorite husband: Jesse James! Over the weekend, the Monster Garage star wed pro drag racer Alexis DeJoria at the Malibu home of DeJoria's father, who -- fun fact ahead! -- is co-founder of the Paul Mitchell hair product line and Patron Spirits Company. Cool story! This is the fourth marriage for James, who previously was married to Sandra Bullock and engaged to Kat Von D.

All I can say here is: James obviously has a type.

Okay, that's not all I can say, but does anyone else think Alexis kind of looks like a combination of Sandra and Kat? Actually, let me rephrase: Alexis really looks like Kat, but with a gentle kiss of Sandra thrown in. Skat? No, Katdra! Anyone? ... Anyone? ... Is this thing on?

Whatever. Congrats to the couple, I guess. To be completely forthcoming, I can't really see these two making it for the long-haul, as his relationships with both Sandra Bullock and Kat Von D were infidelity-plagued. The former, resulting in Kat penning a Facebook post entitled, "Thank You, Jesse James", in which she reveals that she was cheated on 19 times by him. (Nineteen times?!)

For DeJoria's sake, I hope he's a changed man and things work out in her favor. But more so, I hope she has an iron-clad prenup. Last Forbes checked, her dad (yes, the bearded guy in the Paul Mitchell commercials) is worth $4 billion. That's a lot of defrizzer.

How long do you think Jesse and Alexis will last?

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missy... missybest

Sorry, but I just don't care one little bit about what Jesse James does.  I think he is a really sleazy man and Sandra Bullock made a big mistake marrying him.  Let her get over it and keep him out of the news.

Mommi... MommietoJB

This woman is stupid for falling for this guys act. She has money and is pretty why waste it on a sack of crap. I dont understand how some women think they can change a man.

M Braun Bear

He's a serial cheater, he will screw this up too-- we can just thank god Sandra bolted when she did before he brought home HIV, Herpes, or whatever new celebrity hookup forever mutating, crotch rot de'jour... no pun intended...
Only this dad knows where to hid the bodies-- so JJ better b lookn over his shoulder, and have eyes on the back of his head.

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