'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Kenya Moore Makes Her Most Ridiculous Accusation Yet

Kenay MooreTonight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, we picked up where we left off last week at Kandi Burruss' housewarming party, and Kenya Moore was in full cray mode. The minute she found out that her ex/fake-boyfriend, Walter, was there, she flipped the hell out. 

There they were in a huge, crowded room, and she didn't even bring her security. Gasp. "He's a f*cking stalker," she yelled as she stormed out. Never mind the fact that Walter wants nothing to do with her and probably never did to begin with. First she called him gay, now a stalker. I bet he's so sorry that he signed up to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Kenya's manager, Don Juan (who was the one who actually invited Walter), kept trying to get Kenya to simmer down as she was about ready to mow down cars in the parking lot in order to make her escape. Don pegged her pretty well, saying, "She's dramatic as a mother f*cker." And then some.

The rest of the penultimate episode of the season was pretty tame. Gregg and NeNe got engaged again, but we all knew that was coming, so it wasn't all that exciting. Porsha Stewart went to a therapist and talked about how hard her miscarriage has been on her and how Kordell doesn't understand. And Kandi and Todd talked marriage and the possibility of using a surrogate to have a baby together so she doesn't get fat. I'm not sure I'd have been as okay with that whole conversation as she was, but she seemed happy.

The battle of the booty workout videos continued as both Kenya and Phaedra Parks each filmed theirs. Though they filmed separately with pretty much equal parts of cringe-worthiness -- Kenya in Atlanta and Phaedra in Los Angeles -- they had plenty of barbs for each other along the way.

Phaedra kept harping on the fact that Kenya bought her butt, calling it "Home Depot remodeled silicon buns." Kenya, meanwhile, kept talking about how Phaedra needs to drop 20 pounds and said comparing her and Phaedra would be like comparing Jessica Rabbit to SpongeBob SquarePants (that was actually pretty funny). I think they both know that the fighting makes for good publicity for both videos, and really, what else is there going to be to talk about on the upcoming reunion?

Can you believe Phaedra accused Walter of being a stalker? Whose booty workout video did you think looked better?


Image via Bravo

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Beth McGuire

Looks to me with all that Kenya has said about Walter to her 'friends'(the Housewives) that out of courtesy they wouldn't ask him to their events. The guys can meet up with Walter elsewhere if the want to, but Walter being everywhere that Kenya goes publicly does make it seem a little 'stalkerish''. He did everything but backflips to make sure that everyone saw him with a new girl at Kandi's party. Then when Kenya left he was disappointed because she didn't get to see him with someone new...and female. He didn't pay much attention to his new lady because he was so distracted on how would be the best way to get Kenya's attention as soon as possible after she arrived. Kenya doesn't want to see him, or hear from him about anything. Looks like the Atl. ladies could understand that. I am sure they would expect no less from Kendra or any of the other ladies if the situation was their own.

Donna L. Barksdale

I hope this is the ONLY Season that Kenya will be on the House wives of Atlanta..... I seriously can't stomach her and her drama....Plus she thinks she's all that... NEWS FLASH:  You're Nothing Kenya..

nonmember avatar Stacie lambert

Kenya (Mrs. Bozack from Martin) can kill all that noise you can look at that fake booty its long and look pressed together i see why walter didnt want it it look deformed in clothes just imagine how it look naked ugh!!! And wslter didnt wamt her from jump street that is why she is so hurt and embarassed who needs another crazy im sure he run into enough of them while he repo peoples cars

nonmember avatar wanda collier

kenya is a joke and disgusting i hate her on the show

nonmember avatar Diana Bradford

Kenya need to be cleared by doctors, Bravo should guard themselves in case she pops. I worry about her and the safety of others, just saying she's way out there

nonmember avatar adam pittman

I agree with everything beth said, and I find myself saying what beth said everytime the real housewives invite walter to an event and then act like kenya is the drama queen. Can..kenya make it anymore clear that she doesn't want walter at the events? It isn't like walter was friends with everybody in the first place, they barely knew him. But I think the whole walter being her boyfriend was fake in the first place. I do believe she is truly angry with him now,since he didn't stick to the script she laid out for him (fake engagement). So let me get this straight, kenya never had sex with walter nor did she see him with an erection,she thought he was possibly gay, and yet she wanted to marry him? Also to donna, kenya was miss usa and has been in many movies and is now a tv star.....so she's a little more than "nothing". Thank you and good night

nonmember avatar TruthbTold

Kenya is beautiful! All of the housewives are jealous of her. Walter is only there for drama. They are inviting him on purpose. Without her this season would have been worst. She makes the show. The cast should be: Kenya, Marlo, Nene, Fakedra, Sheree and maybe Lisa. The rest are boring.

nonmember avatar RhoA

This season really sucks! :(

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I have no clue what you're talking about but I am fascinated by that photo. Is that a black woman using oompa-loompa fake tan? Or a white woman using super dark body builders tan in her face? How does one achieve such a curious skin tone?

nonmember avatar Angie Bratcher

Why would any of the ladies be jealous of Kenya? She may be beautiful but what else does she bring to the table? She is too much all the time; now she's making up a stalker. Even when Cynthia was talking to her, she wanted Cynthia to lower her voice and then she started yelling about how Cynthia was stabbing her in the back. Kenya is the jealous one, she wants what each of these ladies have. A MAN!! So much so she made up a boyfriend. They don't have to adjust their guest list for Kenya, Walter is not a threat to her. If she's that distressed then she can leave.

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