Rihanna Over 4 Hours Late for High School Concert -- No Respect for the Kids!

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rihannaIt was supposed to be the thrilling event of these high school kids' lives. It was for charity. But Rihanna almost spoiled it all. Barrington High School in Chicago won a charity competition to host the star for a concert. 2,500 students crammed into the gymnasium for the performance. And waited. And waited. Finally, Rihanna showed up over four hours late for a 16-minute performance. Uh, thanks a lot, Riri.

Was it the traffic? Rihanna did tweet on her way to the concert, "This Chicago traffic is not working." But she made no apologies when she arrived except to say, "thank you guys for coming and waiting." One student dubbed the concert the "Survive Rihanna Event."

I guess the kids forgave Riri and were still glad to see her. Reportedly they went into "Beatlemania-type screaming" when she showed up. Rihanna's performance was supposed to start at 1:00 p.m. Thursday. Then the school announced that the concert had been pushed to 2:00 p.m. And by 5:00 p.m. the kids were still waiting.

They may have sounded excited when Rihanna finally arrived, but there were some bruised feelings. "Our school worked hard to win this. She should be more respectful," one student said. Other fans described  Rihanna as "rude" and "pathetic."

It's too bad, too, because it sounds like the contest was a brilliant idea. Students were to send in videos set to Rihanna's single, "Diamonds" showing volunteer work they were doing. The Barrington students' video showed the kids engaged in several charitable projects, including helping tornado victims in Joplin, Missouri. "With a whole lot of polishing and collaboration, we can all shine bright like a diamond," the voiceover says.

Well, at least they'd sent Rihanna's DJ ahead of time to entertain the kids while they waited. He even held a dance contest where kids could win tickets to the star's concert later that night. And Rihanna sent more free tickets to the students after she arrived. Still, I think she should have just shown up on time. I'm sure she's extremely busy, and if she'd been just an hour late I think that would have been understandable. But four-and-a-half hours! We want teens who volunteer to feel valued and respected, and Rihanna missed an opportunity to do that.

Have you ever waited hours for a star who was late to a performance?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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xiolxuo xiolxuo

She's a pos.

Coles... Coles_mom

I've said it before, I'll say it again: she's trash.

there... theresaphilly

I only waited ten minutes, and that was for the Rollingstones and they apologized and explained what happened, but it really was traffic. Their is no four hour traffic jam in Chicago! and for 16 minutes, she could at least gave them an extra fifteen minutes. 

nonmember avatar Kid

I was there, like 8 hours waiting for her. It wasn't a concert, it was supposed to be a Q and A for about an hour. Instead, she got up in stage, talked for about 30 seconds, took a few pictures and was out before you knew it. Extremely disappointing. This was a huge deal for the school and everyone was looking toward to it.

It was supposed to start at 2, but guess what? She didn't leave the city until 4:30. How could the people managing her let her be so late?

nirva... nirvanadonna

I agree with Coles_mom, she is trash.....

twili... twilightsbella

Yep she is trash no repect for these kids who worked so hard to win that concert. @kid u guys deserve someone better to come sing at ur school than her. she doesnt care about noone but herself. If it wasnt for u and all the people who buy her music she would be nothing

nonmember avatar Byron

If she had a concert later that night maybe their was something about it that made her late. 2 apperiences in one day is a lot to ask from someone who is constantly on the go. But it would have upset me too.

vball... vbally101

I'm sorry, I dont' see how she can possibly be "THAT" busy - if something is on your schedule you make it happen, you don't show up 4 hours late. And 2 appearances in one day would be difficult if they were both 2 - 3 hour long concerts - but a 1 hour Q&A? No excuse. Pathetic.

Sirime Sirime

Well thanx Rihanna not only you show our Gil's how after a beating you should have no self worth and run back to the man that busted your ass but now you disrespect kids that work hard doing good things for society.


She needs to stop smoking pot! That and get her head out of ass before she crashes and burns. Apparently she doesn't realize how much if an influence she is on today's younger generation.

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