'Twilight' Star Ashley Greene Loses Beloved Dog in Devastating Condo Fire (VIDEO)

ashley greeneOur condolences to Ashley Greene: The Twilight star's West Hollywood condo was destroyed in a fire this afternoon, and worst of all, the actress lost one of her two dogs in the blaze. Greene was reportedly "inconsolable" at the scene; and as a dog owner, my heart breaks for her. So sad: According to TMZ, "Ashley, her boyfriend and her brother were out late last night and were sleeping when the fire broke out on the living room sofa.  They ran out of the apartment, and then realized the dogs were still there.  The 2 men tried to get back in to rescue them but couldn't." Firefighters did somehow manage to save one of Greene's toy fox terriers; the other dog's body was wrapped in a sheet for Ashley to hold.

What a terrible experience! It's bad enough that Greene lost her home (I'm not talking about clothes and shoes here, I'm talking about photos and keepsakes and letters and other things of sentimental value), but to lose one of her beloved pets in the fire ... it's just devastating.

No word yet on how the fire started.

What words of sympathy would you send out to Ashley Greene right now?


Image via TMZ

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nonmember avatar Kate

My heart goes out to her. My dog means the world to me. I would be absolutely heartbroken.

Jadey... Jadeyoung623

Guess she didn't see that one coming... >>

nonmember avatar cody

When my house burned down, the first thing I did was get my two dogs in the car and drive away. Half of my house was already gone before anyone knew. I got my puppies and hightailed it out.

Tina McGarty

This is so sad. I don't know what I would do if I lost one of my furbabies like that. RIP little furball

nonmember avatar Crystallyne

My heart goes out to her as I know it would devastate me to lose my beloved cat, Max.

Michelle Letourneau

My heart goes out to her, I lost my beloved furbaby last July when he was hit by a car. It's the worst feeling cos they are more then pets. May she feel the hugs of the masses who adore her :)

nonmember avatar Heather

Sorry for your lost and my prayers are with you.

Amanda Loomis

My thoughts and prayers are with you Ashley.

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