'Bachelor' Sean Lowe & 'DWTS' Partner Peta Murgatroyd Stir Up Cheating Rumors

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Sean Lowe Peta MurgatroydOh, please -- you gotta be kidding me. Have rumors about Bachelor Sean Lowe hooking up with his DWTS partner Peta Murgatroyd really started already?!?

Um, the new season has only been on for a week, and suddenly there's speculation that Sean is going behind fiance Catherine Giudici's back and getting all flirty and frisky with Peta. (What the heck?)

A source who talked to Star even says that Sean's friends think he needs to "watch himself" around her -- and indicates that Peta would welcome the attention.

The source said, "Peta was dating fellow DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkoviskiy, but he dumped her in February. She wouldn't be above making waves on the show by making a move on Sean. Peta is way more worldly than Catherine, even though they are the same age."

More worldly? Why, because she's Australian and dated a Ukranian dude?

Ok, so I guess I understand the "making waves on the show" part, because anytime viewers believe there is some sort of romance going on between partners, it doesn't exactly hurt ratings. (Duh. We're still obsessing over Val Chmerkovskiy and Kelly Monaco.)

And it's only natural for Sean and Peta to get a little bit flirtatious with each other considering they're spending practically every waking moment together. But keeping things light and having fun doesn't necessarily mean they're secretly getting hot and heavy. (This is Sean we're talking about, here.)

Even if Sean weren't engaged and he was free to hook up with anyone he pleases -- I still don't see him and Peta being attracted to each other. Sean obviously digs brunettes, and based on Peta's recent dating history, she seems to like the tall, dark, and handsome type -- preferably with a sexy accent. (No, a subtle twang doesn't count.)

Sigh. If the Sean and Peta rumors have already started, I can't wait to see how the rest of the season plays out. And if they make it to the finals and wind up competing for the mirror ball trophy, odds are good we can expect a story about him dumping Catherine on the dance floor, eloping with Peta, and having a couple of perfect little blond babies to pop up before the winner is even announced.

Do you think there's any chance of these two hooking up?


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nonmember avatar Jeanine

Believe it or not, some people do still have some moral fiber. Sean is genuine and I don't see him so weak-minded that he can't resist PETA. Anyway, Katherine is completely for him. His heart belongs to her.

Diane Sheehan Keeley

Um, if he digs brunettes, why did he fall in love with Emily? Hmmmm. :]

Tammy Dutch

Wow! You have got to be kidding. this is why these relationships don't last. Because people just can't leave them alone and let them be happy! This is the best couple since Trista and Ryan..pleaase, don't ruin this one!

Kristina Kirschbaum Roach

Nope, he says he sees her as a sister.  Catherine is his true love!


Dee Newberry Hull


Mavis Garrett Richardson

Hell no jeez u can't even dance with someone these days!! Leave SEAN ALONE!!!


Ginny Peluso

The pros are always touchy feelie with their partners. That`s very common in the dancing world. When I danced back in the day my partner was all over me as well and he was gay!  It`s just the nature of the beast. Besides if Peta didn`t have an affair with the incredibly sexy Giles she certainly isn`t going to hook up with the 'born again virgin' bachelor!!!!!

Opal Mccollum

HE WON'T DO IT.....!   If he's stayed a virgin all these years with all the pressure he won't blow it now!


Linda Baker

Hollywood Gossip....that's all it is.  Good grief!!!

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