Jason Hoppy Clearly Wants His Old Life With Bethenny Frankel Back

jason hoppyApparently, Jason Hoppy isn't just refusing to take his wedding ring off, he's refusing to get out of "Bethenny Frankel's" apartment. Why the quotes? Well, see, technically, the balls-to-the-wall Tribeca loft we all saw Bethenny roller skating around in before it was furnished is in her former assistant's name: Molly Hayden. Hayden obviously doesn't own the $5 million apartment (unless Bethenny pays really well), which prompts speculation that Bethenny owns the apartment outright. Nothing shady there at all. And just a regular boss-employee relationship. You know.

But anyway, Jason. Why's he still living there?

Under New York law, Jason can't be kicked out or "evicted" from the apartment based on the fact that there's "no significant abuse or violence". But the reason he's not budging is because, according to friends, he wants a custody agreement to be reached regarding their 2-year-old daughter Bryn before he goes anywhere.

This whole thing is just sad already. And while Bethenny's cool and all, it's hard not to feel bad for Jason here. It seems like he's desperately holding on to his former life. The ring, the house. Dude doesn't want change. One could even surmise that the divorce is 100 percent Bethenny, and he wants no part of it.

I wish these two gave it more of a shot -- if not for them, for their daughter. Two years isn't enough time to get pregnant, get married, grow a business, and really work on your marriage. And if I've said it once, I'll say it again: Doesn't seem like these two (particularly Bethenny) ever made their relationship a high priority.

Hopefully, a custody agreement will be reached that satisfies both Bethenny and Jason. But most importantly, hopefully, it satisfies Bryn. It'd be a shame if her parents' resentment toward one another would end up affecting her.

What do you think of Jason still living in "Bethenny's" apartment?

Image via Pacific Coast News

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youth... youthfulsoul

I think it's just as much his home and why should he leave. Why doesn't she leave?

nonmember avatar Josie

She doesn't leave because she bought it with her money, Jason is hanging to the life style he grew accostumed to, he can care less about Bethenny or would had never told her some of the things he did. he is just holding out for more money.

HayLaura HayLaura

Bethenny has a problem with relationships. There, I said It....   I enjoy watching her, i think she is funny, smart and talented, but with that said, she had a terrible childhood and felt abandoned and doesn't know how to be in a committed relationship. I don't think Jason is a bad guy at all. She pushed him away and was way too bossy to him and she had to wear the Pants in the family. I don't think her Therapist can help her because he isn't tough enough to deal with her emotional problems.  I wish she and Jason would find a really good Marriage Counselor and work on their marriage for Bryn's sake. That poor little girl is going to deal with abandonment and depression just like her mom and that makes me sad.    bad

Barbara Schuima

GOOD FOR HIM..........BETHANY USED HIM !!!!   She is nasty and not in the best mental health,She has no idea how to sustain a relationship because she has no role model.Bryn would be better with Jason and Bethany should have liberal visitation.Jason has a stable family and IS FAMILY ORIENTED !

Karen Bruno-Steinmetz

So saddened by this...Really thought they were a great couple and worked really well together...They should try and give it another shot...

Serab... Serabelle

How did Bethany use Jason? It's HER company that blew up big and he's riding her coattails! Her money bought that place, he should leave, not her. Plus, he knew perfectly well how many and how deep her issues with relationships went and knew how uncomfortable he made her by pushing his parents on her but showed her zero respect by trying to force her to spend so much time with them before she was ready. I hate when people think they will change someone, then get mad when the person doesn't change. Women do this with men all the time, their situation is just reverses. People don't change, not to the degree he demands in the short amount of time he tried to make her change.

Americanrw Cause

I think we need to keep our noses out of their business. We only know what is told to us. We do not walk in either of their shoes and YES, BRYN is the REAL Victim here. They BOTH love her and that is the answer to the whole problem. Judge not..least ye be JUDGED!!!

nonmember avatar Lori

To be honest, I think Bethenny always gets an unfair bad rap. If a woman is successful and driven she's a bitchy shrew with no family priorities. If a man is, he's a go getter and maverick.(TM Senator McCain). I call bullshit. I thought the reality show really brought Jason's dark side to light. Bethanny kissed his ass and he put her down all the time, and whined about everything. She's probably a handful in that you better hop on the crazy train to her whirlwind life, but he knew what he signed up for. If my husband called me "damaged" or put me down all the time the way jason did, he'd have a size 8 wedged in his colon. Team Bethenny.

nonmember avatar Lindy C.

It could fall under abandonment if he leaves which would make it much more difficult to get the kind of custody that he wants so I am sure his lawyer is advising him to stay. I do not think that he is staying because he wants his old life back, he just wants to be near his daughter and not lose out on spending time with her.

Kristine Ullemeyer

I was alot like Miss B, But my man would not give up 15 years later happy as ever. Gotta work on it

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