5 Best Gay-Friendly Ads on TV

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gay couple adThe other day I sat down to watch Hitchcock (yeah, I'm a mom, I don't get around to these things until the DVD release) and actually snorted when the famous director was seen on screen arguing for the right to show a toilet flushing in his famous film, Psycho. America, can you believe that we were once that uptight? Considering the hub bub over American companies finally showing gay couples in TV commercials, I suppose we shouldn't be shocked.

But here it is: progress. Finally! Our television screens are playing host to an increasing number of commercials celebrating the fact that LGBT folks are just like the rest of us.

Let's dive in, shall we?

1. Amazon -- The Kindle Paperwhite ad has been getting a lot of attention this month, but I admit I like it most because I had to replay the commercial to make sure I saw what I really saw. Yes, there are two guys and they're married, but they're presented so matter-of-factly that you'd blink and miss it. Which is exactly how it should be; gay couples don't need a big fuss, they just want to be accepted!

2. Microsoft -- Marriage equality got a big thumbs up from the tech company this month. They slipped a wedding between two ladies in love into the middle of a commercial for the Outlook email program:


3. Expedia -- LGBT folks have gotten a lot of positive vibes from the tech community. The Internet travel company weighed in last fall by following a father to his daughter's wedding ... with another woman. 

4. Google -- The Internet search engine turned an ad for its services into an entire It Gets Better project:

5. Chemistry.com -- OK, it's a few years old, but when a dating site does a national advertising campaign pointing out that we're born that way, it tends to stick with you ... 

Kinda gives you the warm and fuzzies, doesn't it? Let's spread the love around!

Which gay-friendly ad is your favorite?


Image via MSFTOutlook/YouTube

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nonmember avatar krelia

Oh look, gay people on tv, guess we have to make a big deal about it!!

Acceptance starts with not thinking you are special.

nonmember avatar kaerae

@Krelia - Being portrayed just like everyone else in TV ads IS not having a big deal made about it. Also, acceptance begins with fighting for the same rights everyone else has. It's bigots like you who think gay people are "special" and should therefore be denied certain rights. If you don't want them thinking they're special, let's go ahead and legalize gay marriage. YOU and your ilk are the ones making a "big deal" out of it, not them.

Leah Waarvik

OK, I am gay and I think that this is a big deal and I'm happy to see it.  Thanks for showing us these ads as I hadn't seen them.  Why do people have to be so critical when you are trying to point out something good?  Thanks again for showning these, I hadn't seen them

Angel... Angelanscalf89

I only saw the first one and I actually thought it was pretty cool. I was confused at first i was like did that really happen? Then I was like thats awesome.

Zenia6 Zenia6

Its a big deal and its about time.

nonmember avatar krelia

@kae. How did you come to the asinine conclusion I was a bigot from my statement? This is a big thing wrong with the gay community, throwing out idiotic words and bullying people that may not agree with them. Some people surprisingly might have a different opinion.

Fun fact, I am 100% supportive of gay people getting the same rights as straight couple.

Get off your soapbox of the world being against you and try to influence change is a healthy positive way.

nonmember avatar guest

chemistry and expedia-- i was a longtime member at justmommies.com and, as a pansexual woman, i was horrified when they merged with eharmony.

nonmember avatar guest

krelia.... grrrr. yep, it IS a big deal, it's fabulous to see this progress, because in the past, companies didn't have the balls to stand up for equality and put it in their advertising, thereby making it normal-- not special.

Heather Marie Roche

Absolutely loved the Goggle and Chemisty ones....Looking at playboy...sigh...yep still gay. And the google one just warmed my heart. I am straight but my best friends are gay and I am so glad to see peole and big companies startin to accept them. I am very happy to see these commercials

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