'Glee' Recap: Covering Chris Brown Is Unacceptable Even on 'Guilty Pleasures' Night

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Glee Melissa BenoistTonight's Glee was reminiscent of the show when it first started. The theme was guilty pleasures, and it was chock full of song and dance numbers that were all about fun, fun, fun. That is until Chris Brown almost derailed it all.

Ain't nothin' fun about teenagers singing Breezy. Got that? 

Good thing the writers at Glee do.

The guilty pleasures started off funny with a lot of neon and black lights and the New Directions begging the audience to wake them up before they "go go." But things got serious fast when Jake Puckerman threatened to make his contribution to guilty pleasures week a Chris Brown song.

What ensued was another throwback to the Glee of old -- some real food for thought.

Chris Brown is the perfect guilty pleasure, Puck 2.0 argued, because he enjoys listening to his songs but feels guilty about it because of what Chris Brown represents. His scandalous past, most notably his well-publicized domestic violence case, make it clear he's not someone to look up to.

But does listening to his music equal approval of his lifestyle?

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It's a debate worth bringing to the table, but not one worth hammering home with the singing of an actual Chris Brown song.

They left us hanging for awhile there before Jake finally caved to the intense anger from the girls in the group and opted for another Brown song ... Bobby Brown's My Prerogative.

Thank goodness. We didn't need to see a Breezy song performed by teenagers, and we certainly didn't need to see Chris Brown on a TV show that's directed at kids.

To give him that, as well as any royalties he'd make from the use of his song on the show, would have gone against everything Glee is about. This is a show that's stood against the very things Breezy is reviled for, among them domestic violence (remember the Coach Beiste storyline?). It's a show about building kids up, not telling teenage girls it's OK to be smacked around by a boyfriend and go running back to him.

And the fact is, just talking about Chris Brown was enough. We didn't need to hear his lyrics. When the guys of the group started jamming out to a song by Whitney Houston's naughty ex, it proved Puck's point nicely. You can dig a song and not exactly approve of the singer.

Would you still be watching Glee if they'd featured Chris Brown tonight?


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Kristina Losito

NEVER NEVER NEVER have I been more proud to be a GLEEK! I'm very supportive of their choice. Our kids have enough BAD role models... and honestly I don't understand WOMEN who support and buy his music. He's abusive and crude and it's like women don't care what he's done because they have this idea in their head about what he's like.

Shawnelle RaeAnne McMillen

Bobby Brown isn't exactly a role model either. Wasn't he also accused of domestic abuse at one point?

Shanna Marie Smith

All The Stir seems to do is pick on Chris Brown. (Cyberbullying, much? Anyway....) However Rhianna forgave him (not saying that you have to) and she's fine with it. She moved on. So why does it bother YOU so much, and why does it bother YOU that there are some people in the world that (shocker!) still like his music? Then you go on to approve of them singing a BOBBY BROWN song? Apparently, leopards can't change their spots so we can't call HIM a "former" woman beater....who's been in and out of jail SEVERAL times (compared to Brown's ONE)...including just TODAY! Yeah...HE's totally changed! He sends a WAY better message than Breezy. It's fine that you don't like Chris Brown but you don't have to express that in EVERY. OTHER. ARTICLE. If Rhianna was your daughter, ok fine, hate him til the day you die. But Rhianna doesn't care anything about you personally for you to be hating on him so much.

nonmember avatar Guest

The fact that there are still people ignorant enough that they cannot forgive the mistake of an angry misguided person goes to show that we as a society have given up on any growth. Chris Brown is insanely talented and has always been. His stupid decisions do not change that fact. The Glee writers and everyone else needs to get over it and grow past it. If you cannot get over something that does not InBev you, you must really take a look at your life and decide whether you should really be spending this much time worried about other people or whether you should focus on yourself.

Dominique Schwartz

I certainly understand the opinion that Glee shouldn't have covered Bobby Brown either, but the point is that Chris Brown was a role model for TODAY'S youth and his terrible choices and total lack of respect for women is completely disgusting and shouldn't be forgotten about, especially so quickly. I can't believe that anyone would defend someone's physical abuse of a woman as "misguided" or something that person is now being "picked on" for. Here's the facts:
Anyone who would hit, rape, or otherwise a woman isn't worthy of your support, emotional or financial. And YES, a stand DOES need to be taken at some point - that's the point of boycotting. When it's Walmart and minimum wage issues, you don't see anyone crying "cyber bullying" or "leave it be." Chris Brown is no different. He is a brand, and what he represents is repulsive. I think it was brave of the Glee team to tackle this issue and state that although entertaining, stars who embody racist, abusive, or other repugnant traits should not be supported.

nonmember avatar Oddy

Jake has a point I like glee but I really don't think they should have done a big deal bout his music I'm kinda disappointed with glee right know :(

IKnow... IKnow0101

So if I'm understanding this right a grown man who slapped a baby on a plane should be forgiven but not CB? I'm no fan of his, or to many so called pop stars these days, but this is a double standard.  Honestly we should just stop talking about this boy and giving him free press.

nonmember avatar Renae

Since when has Glee been considered a program aimed at young people? If your children are watching Glee....you've got a problem on your hands that starts at home. And yeah, Mr. Bobby Brown isn't AT ALL a good choice, drugs, cheating, spousal abuse, clearly things people should be "looking up to" either. But isn't that how people are, very selective about who deserves society's ire and who doesn't.

But I do agree that liking ones music isn't inappropriate nor is it a show of support for that persons lifestyle. People shouldn't be shamed into not enjoying someone's music, it's a choice.

nonmember avatar Jason

Is Glee still on the air? I thought they had all graduated.

nonmember avatar Bookworm51485

I stopped watching Glee because it was a blah show, but if I was still watching it then, no I wouldn't stop just because they covered Chris Brown. It was an unnecessary and idiotic point, especially when they're going to turn around and have him sing Bobby Brown, a man known for his addictions and ALSO having issues with domestic violence. In Chris Brown's case, I see that as a mutually abusive relationship rather than a case of 'wife beatin'' where she, expectedly, got the nastier end of it. She hit him first and repeatedly, she admitted it, and then he hit back. Does he have issues with self-control and anger, most definitely, but then so does she. They both need help and they are BOTH victims of each other. I find it funny that people are so fixated on this when there are other cases of 'domestic violence' that are far worse and more blatant. Did anybody turn off the TV when they honored Glen Campbell on the Grammys (I believe it was that)? He beat the hell out of Tanya Tucker for years.

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