Kristen Stewart's Secret to Winning Robert Pattinson Back Makes Perfect Sense

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breaking dawn: part 2By now you've probably heard the happy (or annoying as hell, depending on how you see it) news that Robsten has been reunited, and it feels so good! But after all the buzz about how the two were failing to make it work and were basically on the edge of a breakup while Rob was in Australia, how in the world are they now more blissful than ever? KStew dealt with the distance and time apart exactly the right way, according to a source close to the couple who spoke with

Wel,l that certainly comes as a surprise, given all we heard about her being lonely and clingy and needy and having Skype sex with Rob. But apparently, she really did manage to play it cool ... and it worked!

The source claims Kristen gave Rob the space he needed, elaborating:

I mean, Kristen played it really cool the last couple of months while Rob was away — she just took care of herself and wasn’t this needy girl begging for his attention. Rob has always admired her independent nature and it looks like it paid off. Kristen couldn’t be happier!

Huh. Well, I actually hope this is true. Because I'm pretty sure any guy worth snagging and keeping would be attracted to an independent woman over a clingy, needy one. And while it may sound like she was playing hard to get, there's a distinction between games and actually being able to enjoy time alone and apart from your guy. Actually being cool with taking care of you instead of worrying about him constantly. And secure, confident, mature behavior like that is incredibly HOT!

So, if this is true, it's no wonder Rob wants to stick around. He must still find his fiercely independent woman infinitely sexy -- as he should.

Do you buy this?


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handy... handy0318

Do I buy this?


I don't buy anything the media says about these two people. Ever.

Debra Anduaga

If it's true, then he is PUSSY WHIPPED!!

Debra Anduaga

Used to be a big fan of Rob but now i think he just doesn`t have the balls to make his own way as an independent man. Shake her off and move on!!

Gill Cook

Guess some people never loved is forgiving and understanding...and some of you are absolutely can't believe anything the press says about anything....they're in it for the money, not the truth.

Tahia Asad

i dont buy anything good the media says about kristen stewart hahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!!

Kassy Gartman

She cheated on him, so therefore he should be with me because i would never do that! <3

nonmember avatar MistyV

With friends running their mouths, telling everything, she doesn't need enemies that's for sure.

Aaron Darc

wow, are people actually wising up to the fact that this is a multi-million dollar franchise and that the two were never actually together and never will be?

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