Ian Somerhalder’s Car Gets Broken Into & He Goes All Christian Grey on the Thief

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ian somerhalder's carTrouble in gorgeous, smoldering paradise, you guys. Fifty Shades of Grey movie front-runner Ian Somerhalder's car was broken into. The 34-year-old actor Instagrammed a photo of the damage last night, and yikes, this doesn't look like an easy fix.

Along with the photo, Ian had some quippy comments to share about the break-in, as well as a solid dig at the burglar who did this. Ian: Sugary one minute, bitter the next. Check it:

Times are tough, I know, but whoever smashed my window last night and stole my iPod, you're in luck! I just put some great new music on it!

Aww, he's a bigger person who can get over something like this because a) shit happens, b) he has enough money to fix his car and get a new iPod and buy new music, and c) he's got a sense of humor and can shrug off most things.

Wait, sorry, spoke too soon. He followed up the above caption with a message to the perp. He wrote:

"You're a dick, FYI."

Welp, so much for taking the high road. Not that I necessarily disagree with Ian, but I'm just saying.

Here's the thing -- Somerhalder's showing off both his salty and sweet side here. He's cool one minute, seething the next. Sound like someone we know? I'll give you a hint: he's fictional, and his name rhymes with Bristian Brey.

Ian gets more and more perfect for the role as the days go on. I mean, I may not be right about that, but I'm definitely not wrong.

What do you think of Ian's chances of being cast as Christian Grey?


Photo via IanSomerhalder/Instagram

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Debra Anduaga

never sure what the powers that be will do or say but it would be more that great to see him cast as Christian Grey there can be only one and he is it!! love him and i can't think of anybody that fits this role better!!

Stacy Montamble Lott

I think Ian is the perfect man to play Mr. Grey. He's just the right amout of yummy naughtiness!

Karen Priscilla Pereira

Ian will most definitely play Cristian well. Or it'll be a waste of time and money watching the movie otherwise. Can't they start filming alr??? Tired of the wait. 

Tina Clark Truett

I agree. I will always see Ian's face no matter who plays it. Don't disappoint us people. Give us Ian.

Lydia J. Giddings

He can track / trace that ipad and find out who stole it....

Diana Leńczuk

shit, matt bomer should play Grey, let's face it! IAN IS UGLY, OLD, TERRIBLE MAN.

Remell Sanders Jennings

No Bomer is old looking, gay and not suited for the roll!I you obviously know  nothing about Ian no way ever is he a terrible man. He believes in a green earth and is doing everything possible thru his foundation to fix that, he loves animals and children. and never lets a fan down!  And darlin ugly doesn't even come anywhere near IAN ever!

lasombrs lasombrs

I really hope he gets it and that sucks about his car :( at least it wasnt stolen though

nonmember avatar per son person

ian is perfect for christian!!! i hate that his car was broken into and his ipod, stolen though :'(

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