Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s Lovey-Dovey Reunion Is Totally Fake

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Rob looking thrilled, obvs
So, Robert Pattinson flew back into town, got back together with Kristen Stewart, had a sweet night on the town with karaoke, and they are sooo back together again, right? Pthh. WRONG! I'm not buying this fairy tale. All that cuddling we're hearing about? It's an act, I say. Just an act.

Let's look closely at those eyewitness details on their night on the town. They hung out together at a bar, ordering shots and "stealing kisses" while they watched karaoke performance. Us Weekly got an onlooker to dish on Kristen and Rob's reunion date, and it sounds pretty good ...

When they were ordering drinks at the bar she was grabbing his jacket and being flirty. They were just acting cute and cuddly like they had missed each other.

But wait, she was grabbing his jacket and being flirty. What was he doing? A witness tells Wet Paint, "He seemed to be a little shy." The witness also described it as a "mellow night, they were just hanging out with friends." Hm.

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Now let's look at this photo. Who looks the happiest? That's right, the fan. Kristen is flashing the peace sign but her eyes look dead. Rob looks tired and isn't even smiling. Hello, celeb kabuki theater!

Here's what I think is really going on. I mean, first of all, they're ACT! ORS! If Rob were really so excited about reuniting with Kristen, they would have enjoyed an intimate evening alone together, in privacy, having sex in about 30 different positions. But instead, they're out in public making a display of their alleged togetherness -- with friends! Not even alone with each other. Those two have already broken up, people. And Rob can hardly stand to play along.

But since she's already played the "bad guy" in this relationship and they're trying to rehabilitate her image, the official story is going to be that he broke up with her, and broke her heart. (Instasympathy™) Kristen's career is saved! They both move on with their lives! And so do we.

Do you think this date was all for show, or do you think Kristen and Robert are really, truly back together?


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Joyce Whitt

This is a crap article.  God you guys can't stand that they will not give you any statement.  Haha Don't hold your breath.  You of all sites will never get anything from them.  Pathetic!!

nonmember avatar Zoe

You sound like like a psycho. Put down the RP blow up doll. Kristen is signed on to 2 studio films and an indie already. Yeah her image needs rebuilding. Also she covered V Mag and it SOLD. OUT. But again have fun jacking off to her bf loser.

nonmember avatar PRsten

This shippers are pathetic. They're defending this PR like something personal. I agree with you like millions of people. This PR circus is pathetic. She has 2 movies? LOL She has nothing. She is a loser desperate for attention. Rob looks sad and yes, her eyes are dead. For those idiots, a couple reunited after 2 months prefer to go out with friends and Ruth, her publicist. Very normal. Why they're so delusional? They're not Edward and Bella and there are many proofs that they're a fake couple. Do you remember de Rupsten pics? Oh... She is a homewrecker. Her reputation is so bad that she needs this crap. Sten is nothing without this PRsten circus.

Thanks for saying the truth. Great article.

Emma Simpson

This date was all for show, obviously. After 2 months they prefer to be in a karaoke? hahahahahaha Very romantic and very real.

nonmember avatar Victoria

Rob arrived in LA on Monday morning, the date in the picture was Tuesday night. How do you know they didn't spend the 36 hours after his arrival engaging in 30 some odd sex positions? Any idea what they were doing? Maybe the headed out to the Inn so they could get some food. Pretty sure they went home together after the picture too.

TRaven60 TRaven60

You and some of your readers obviously haven't been paying attention. Rob got back to LA on Monday, the date was on Tuesday night.  He and Kristen had over 36 hours together before they went out...seems like plenty of time to reconnect.

Emma Simpson

36 hours to reconnect after 2 months? hahahahaha That's your pathetic excuse? LOL Funny how Rob has pics with fans in Oz on Monday night. He travelled on Tuesday morning in Oz and the pic was taken in Tuesday night in LA. Stop with your pathetic excuses. They're not happy. Look at their faces. And the photographer worked with Ruth while the "fan" in the pic was in E!. Everything is very normal. You're desperate for this circus and you all are a laughing stock! xD

Emma Simpson

LOL Right. I was thinking of something else ;) I have seen the tweets too and sorry for the shippers and their sick obsession but Rob came to LA on Tuesday.

Penny Cornell

you people need to leave them alone if they are together thats great but if they are not its none of anybody business leave them alone they both have jobs and people like to talk i love the twilight movies i wish they would make another one but if they dont they will not be for gotten let them get on with there lifes

Debra Anduaga

i was a ROBERT PATTINSON fan but after all this shit he is a PUSSY!!  We will see  by August until then bye bye Robert!!;;

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