Kristen Stewart Is Breaking Taylor Lautner's Heart & We Knew It Was Coming

Kristen Stewart Robert PattinsonAlert the press! Sound the alarms! Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are back together and we can all finally sleep peacefully again. As we've previously reported, the Twilight duo reunited just a few days ago and it looks like they're on the right track again. Thank GOD.

I can only imagine how happy Kristen is to finally have Rob back. I mean, she reportedly hasn't been showering, has been wearing his dirty underwear, and doing all kinds of other weird stuff since he's been gone. So it's nice to see them back in a good place together. Yep, it seems like eeeeeeverything's back to normal.

But, wait a second. Am I the only one noticing that Kristen has forgotten to address one MAJOR issue? What about her new "other half" Taylor Lautner??

Remember him, Kristen? He's been there for you during this entire breakup. He partied with you, wore awkward backwards hats with you, gave you a shoulder to cry on ... And now Rob comes back into the picture so Taylor goes right out the window? This is just like Bella choosing Edward all over again!

You know, I really feel bad for this poor guy. It seems like he only comes into play when Rob and Kristen have problems. He's there to take Kristen to the batting cages. He's there to play practical jokes with Rob. But did either of them even think to send a card when Taylor turned 21 last month?!?!?! (Well, we actually have no confirmation if they did or didn't -- but I'm going to go ahead and guess they didn't.)

Ugh. You see? Taylor totally got played. And now he'll just disappear again until Rob and Kristen start to fight. But with their track record, that could just be a matter of days.

So until then, so long my sweet Taylor, so long.

Do you think Kristen used Taylor to get Rob back?

Image via Sheri Reed

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Melissa Duran

yes cause she is a skank!!!

Sharon Gibson Mullins

you really are stupid arent you her and taylor are best friends so how is she breaking his heart...this girl is never gonna be able to have friends whether they be girls or guys without some sleazy reporters trying to make something out of nothing...your story belongs in the trash

Jeniffer Leach

So glad my sleep doesn't depend on whether Kristen and Rob are back togther again. Who cares?

Louise Jane Grant

Grow Up will u all!!!!. Shes good friends with taylour according to u guys she was a lesbian last week Grrrrrhhh. Keep ur noses out ur all full of shit !!! LEAVE THEM ALONE xx

nonmember avatar donnaroc

You are really out of it. ..there were pictures of Kristen with Taylor on his birthday. Thinking the card part was taken care of. .. did anyone think just once that since Rob was in the middle of nowhere and was trying to work maybe Kristen stayed away to let him do just that?? Taylor seems to be a good friend and they all like to hang out. .Ican'tstand that as soon as they seem to be ok you have start something else that's not true? Uuuhhh!

nonmember avatar Cat Lauren

Wow, you sure have made up so many fairy tales in your article. Must really hurt that Rob is back and he's back with Kristen. Your jealousy will eat you up inside.
Ah, let's see...saying she hasn't showered, she wore dirty underwear,etc. These were shot down by Gossip Cop and yet you still want to spread lies. I feel sorry for you.

Shahmeen Shamim Khan

Once a cheater always a cheater hunh!!! Kristen alw

Judy West

Thank you Sharon! You said it all!

Alicia Renee McGuire

Taylor is so hot wish they was making one more twilight so jacob and reneemee could get married

nonmember avatar ashley

Gee... Does it really matter? I highly don't that Taylor is so bent over this... And age had not showered and is wearing dirty underwear??? Come on. I don't think so

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