Farrah Abraham Calls DUI Backlash ‘Drama’ & Makes Us Wonder if She Learned Anything

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Farrah AbrahamFor those of you that are out of the loop, Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was arrested Monday night for a DUI. Abraham was pulled over around 1 a.m. after allegedly hanging a wide turn and nearly hitting a police cruiser and blew a .147, almost twice the legal limit of alcohol. Thankfully, her daughter Sophia was NOT in the car at the time.

One would think that something like this would be a MAJOR wakeup call. That it would be something to take seriously. Instead, the Teen Mom is writing it off as "drama," tweeting yesterday, "It's amazing what people believe & makeup (LOVE MY LIFE) #Thank #God #I'mSuccessful & I don't care about drama! #HaveAGreatDay."

... right. Because when you're "successful," you're just so above dealing with all of the "drama" that comes with getting a DUI.

It's time to face the music, Abraham.

A DUI isn't something you should have no shame about. A DUI is serious. Instead of running away from the truth, writing this off, and trying to ignore it, Farrah needs to face the music. The MTV star has loads of teen fans, all of which are looking at her every move. Right now, she's conveying that getting a DUI isn't a big deal. She needs to be more responsible than that. The right move would be addressing what happened, and talking about how to move forward effectively in a way that will better her life and Sophia's.

At the end of the day -- the fact that Farrah went out and got drunk is not the issue. The issue is that she attempted to drive home drunk to her child. Yes, people make mistakes. However, Sophia already doesn't have a father. I can only imagine how difficult it would be growing up without a mother, too.

Do you think Farrah is downplaying the severity of her DUI?

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nonmember avatar kaerae

I would have loved for her to have said "I really messed up, lesson learned," but that's just not Farrah. She has been an entitled victim/martyr as long as we've seen her, and this will be someone else's fault just like everything else.

nonmember avatar Kthomasg

Also, they way Sophia's father/Farrah's ex passed away was from drinking and driving,, you'd think Farrah would be even more serious about the situation.

nonmember avatar ashley

Farrahs nothing but a fame hungry loser

Tala9431 Tala9431

Farrah is spoiled and obnoxious.  She wouldn't have any "success" without her families support. Successful and immature...got a boob job, nose job, waxed her daughters eye brows and looks anorexic.  She should be embarassed an apologetic.  Specially since her baby daddy is in heaven because of people like her.

nonmember avatar Sasha

She is letting all of the fame go to her head. She thinks that she can be like the big time stars and get away with a DUI. She needs to have a major wake up call and if a DUI isnt enough then it scres me to think what would wake her up.

Kellie Marie

Farrah is spoiled and thinks it's all about her all the time. It wouldn't surprise me if she don't learn her lesson. But honestly she needs to be thinking about this for the fact that she might not be around for her daughter because of something so stupid. All she cares about clearly is herself not her daughter.
Instead of going out to get wasted and almost crash she should be putting money in an account for her daughter.
It's stupid people like her that innocent people end up dying because of pathetic people like her... don't care if you have been on tv or not. GROW UP AND ACT LIKE A MOMMY.

Kellie Marie

And no disrespect to Snooki... cause i love her, but even Snooki isn't out getting wasted all the time and driving drunk... even she is smarter then that! Not saying you can't go out for a few drinks here and there... but be smart, don't be such an idiot!

Chester Copperpot

Oh, give me a break.  Who's the self-righteous conservative robot douchebag that wrote this article?  Any stupid kids that look up to any of these teen moms as role models are idiots and obviously have horrible parents of their own.  Take care of educating your own kids, America, and don't expect a bunch of fake-titted alcoholic drugwhores to do it for you.

Dana Gibson

you would think she would never do that due to loosing derrick to drinking and driving?  WTF is she thinking?  GROW THE F UP and I hope you learn from your mistakes!

Stephanie Perry Thomas

She is nothing but a loser who has always acted like she was better than everyone..Sophia deserves a better mother than that! LOSER!

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