Faye Resnick Hate Grows to Terrifying Levels & Brandi Glanville Jumps to Her Defense (VIDEO)

Faye ResnickIt's not like she had a big fan club before, but in just one episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week, Faye Resnick has raised the wrath of viewers across the country. Her rude, smug, fame-whore behavior has sent her soaring past the likes of Housewives like Kenya Moore and Danielle Staub to a place of honor in the Hated Housewives Hall of Fame.

The Faye Resnick hate is so strong that she has reportedly even received death threats. Whoa. She's loathsome, but no one deserves that, and one of the most unlikely RHOBH cast members ever has stepped up in her defense.

Brandi Glanville! She said she almost feels sorry for Faye after all the backlash. In a Google chat with OK! Magazine, she said:

That’s just her personality. I know that she was getting death threats and all this craziness and I think that’s ridiculous, and I wish people would stop with that, because, you know, it’s a show, and no one’s perfect. But, you know, Faye is just Faye.

Then she got even more Brandi-like, "She's a bitch, but she doesn't need to die." Ha. That sums it up pretty well.

Brandi went on to clarify that she's not actually defending her against anything except the death threats, and went on to slam Faye for saying she wasn't a lady.

Do I say the F word? Yes. Do I dress a little slutty? Maybe. But I know I do the right thing ... and I know I’m a good person. But I also know that I fuck up — but I think that everyone is allowed to. You can still be a ‘lady.’ Listen, if you buy your clothes at Walmart you can still be a lady, Faye! It’s ridiculous.

Ridiculous, indeed.

Since the heated episode, Faye has been silent. She hasn't Tweeted, nor does she have a blog on Bravo. Our only hope is that she comes on the RHOBH reunion and faces the fire in person. Then she can go away.

What do you think of Brandi's comments about Faye?


Image via Bravo


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nonmember avatar Valerie Gardner

Brandi is a very "real " and open person - in a positive way despite the drama some of the others aren't (her, Lisa,& Yolanda are very much alike!) the others are dramatic drama queens and like to talk behind everyone -especially - Brandi!! Brandi said right on the show to Faye- both nothing is her business & she had no interest in Faye. Yet Faye continues to try to butt in where it us none of her business!! Yet Brandi , being the lady she IS !! Stays true to herself and what she says!! Yay to Brandi!!! Hope these other ladies butt out as Brandi does NOT deserve to be talked about nor mistreated!! Hope they take Faye off show !!

Debra Fiorenza Restiano

Don't buy it that she is getting threats- now she sounds like Caroline Manzo.

Anoth... AnotherKim

Crap! Now Bravo is going to want Faye on the show permanently. Go away Faye, no-one likes you. I love Brandi. She cracks me up.

nonmember avatar DebraD

I like Faye. She says things right to their face unlike the others who go behind everyones backs. Brandi is no lady..if it looks like trash and talks like trash.. its trash. Rather than spread everyone else's dirt she should take out her own trash!

Barbara Schuima

Love Brandi !!!!   If Faye becomes a member of the RHOBH IWILL STOP WATCHING !!!  She is a disgusting pig whose only claim to fame is that she exploited her friends murder for cash. When I look at her all I see is that her face is hanging........definatly needs another face lift.I may sound mean but she is so nasty she brings it out in me !  YOLONDA AND LISA HAVE HER NUMBER !!!!  I liked Adrienne in the first season but I am so glad she's leaving.....Paul should stay.  Don't waste your breath sticking up for Faye Resnick........she is not worth it.

nonmember avatar Malissa

I think they all talk about each other behind each others backs, then they complain when they hear somebody was talking about them. All women talk to other women about someone. That's life. And I just Love (not) how Brandy says whatever she wants because she just "tells it how it is", but if somebody stands up to her , then Team Brandy will hate on that person and will be comforting her. Ugh it's so annoying.

nonmember avatar LoneWolf

Proof Brandi is more a lady than Faye. More than Adrienne too Lately all Adrienne can do is whine about what she believes Brandi may say. Looks like Brandi has moved past the whole thing only Adrienne can't let it go I think Adrienne must feel some guilt or something. Faye is really a piece of work I wonder why she feels so bold she can just show up places like this and the tea party uninvited and unwanted by the host then feel free to attack other guests. I don't want to look at the old hag so let us hope she is gone next year. Whole I too don't think she needs to die. I would love disappear

Debbie Nance

brandi is nothing. if she kept her big mouth shut she would get along with people better and not get crap started. she is a big crap starter.

Anna Maria

Brandi proved that she's more of a lady than that ugly bitch Faye.


Carol Wright

I have watched all the Housewives shows but this season Beverly Hills is boring. Yolanda needs to go. Past seasons Lisa has did the same thing as Faye. I would love to see Lisa Birth Certificate because there is no way she is only 52.

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