Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Totally Back Together (VIDEO)

bella edwardEver since Robert Pattinson went to Australia to film The Rover, the rampant rumors have been flying that he and Kristen Stewart are most definitely OVER. No one was totally sure what was going on, to be honest. It was all hearsay for the most part or speculation based on their public appearances (or lack thereof, such as Rob staying Down Under for the Oscars). But now, there's actual photographic evidence that they were back together -- as of yesterday! As in the same city and the same bar, which was obviously their fave spot, Ye Rustic Inn in L.A., where they've taking their togetherness public in the past. (Yup, remember when they were spied there in October after the "affair"?)

Here's how it went down, according to Life & Style (I know, I know, but bear with me, cuz there are pics!) ...

Apparently, a fan named Lany Morrison bumped into the couple at the bar and got her photo taken with the couple. Lany's friend, Laura Austin, tweeted the photo along with the caption, "Poor Lany was attacked by vampires last night. #creaturesofthenight #robertpattinson #kristenstewart #twilight”" She went onto explain via tweet:

I just ran into them at a karaoke bar by my house… mellow night. They were just there hanging out with a few friends. ... They were super nice… just normal people out at a bar. They were just minding their own business hanging out in a booth with friends.

What's more, another source confirmed to E! News:

Rob is so excited to be back in LA. He really missed Kristen.

Squeee! OMG YOU GUYS. Okay, no, my legit reaction actually isn't that of an adolescent Twi-Hard, however, this is definitely a game-changer! Well, at least it should nix the buzz that Rob's "dreading" seeing Kristen and avoiding at all costs.

More from The Stir: Kristen Stewart Has a Big Surprise Waiting for Robert Pattinson When He Comes Home

While Laura admitted that she "wasn't paying too much attention" to whether Robsten was holding hands or kissing (boo!), I wouldn't be so quick to assume anything ... either way. The appearance could have been for publicity sake ... (This Lany and Laura could work for Summit for all we know!) Or maybe they really are thrilled to be back on the same continent -- and in one another's arms. Awwww.

Check out this vid for more on what went down last night ...


Does this put the rumors of their breakup to rest for you or are you not buying it?

Image via Summit

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Wileen Byroads

Rob I'm beginning to think you are not interested in happiness. Who is going to care when she cheats next time? I think your fans will be dissapointed if you go back with a cheater. I guess you will never learn!

Shandi80 Shandi80

Oh but wait...I thought he was "dreading seeing her" and going to great lengths to avoid her - according to a post two hours ago from the Stir...? You guys make me so confuzzled. >.<

nonmember avatar Ana

Twilight Series are over. Summit doesn't own Rob and Kristen. Rags like this one and HL are pathetic...Anything for a hit on your site. People, you paid and made these to millionaires. Do you really think either one of them, Rob and Kristen really care about what you write and write badly. Give it up. And drop the "cheating" stuff, its over, past, done. Leave them alone.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

Honestly, it's their business if they are together, and as a general rule of thumb their "people" will let us know what we need to. What I love about this story is how cool they are! To take pictures with a fan (and Hi, how cute is Kristen's pose???) is awesome in my book!

Chelsie Salyards

yall say you are excited that they are back together then leave them alone if they want to be they will be if not its not out business and also you prob dont make it easy for them to move on with you ALWAYS bring up her cheating and reminding Rob and everyone else!!


Sunny Gimena Moreno

These idiots publisher has nothing better to sell than negative things about Kristen and Robert. Get your fact straight before you publish anything. Let Kristen and Robert live their life. Kristen is still young and made a huge mistake. She was sorry for what she did. That was a history, so stop bringing incident that happened last year. Stop the scrutiny. She's human just like us who got feeling. Leave Kristen Stewart alone.

Cindy L Stier

am glad they r back together they met to be forever more way to go rob and kristen

Heather Gawthorne

that is great news, now everybody need to leave them alone, it has not been a nice ride for them at all, so just be happy for them now.

nonmember avatar bluebird

I AGREE!!!.... the "cheating stuff" is history! MAMASTEW is right, her daughter KRISTEN learned and suffered the greatest lesson in her life! They are so back together and looking so in love more than ever! I just love the ROBSTEN CHEMISTRY! there is unexplainable magic in it! They are so cute together!!!

nonmember avatar alex

He HAS to hang out with her, she's made friends with all his friends...and when he tied to ditch her she was acting like she was going to do something 'drastic' to herself! She knows how he ticks, he's a good guy and she plays on it. She also knows if she keeps close to him, she will continue to monopolize him. The girl is a real vampire, he is not. He is a lamb. She is a WOLF. Sad to see he falls prey to her 'ploys'

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