Alexis Bledel's Engaged to ‘Mad Men’ Star & Their Star-Studded Wedding’s Going to Be Epic

alexis bledelAw, Rory Gilmore, I mean, Alexis Bledel is engaged! The former Gilmore Girls leading lady and Mad Men guest star announced today that she and her boyfriend are going to tie the knot.

Just who is this mystery man who's won our little girl's heart?

None other than her Mad Men boy toy, Vincent Kartheiser, a.k.a. Pete Campbell. Their characters on the AMC drama had a torrid affair that ended badly, but these two have been in love since early 2012 and have decided to make it official, which is great, because there's nothing I love more than cake a star-studded wedding.

It's going to be like a Mad Men, Gilmore Girls, and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants reunion up in there. From Jon Hamm to John Slattery to Christina Hendricks to Elisabeth Moss to Lauren Graham to America Ferrara to Amber Tamblyn to David Cross to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, it's going to be an A-list party, for sure.

We know that the Sisterhood girls don't miss each other's weddings (they all attended Blake's nuptials last summer and Amber's in the fall), so I'm sure the three of them are guaranteed to be in attendance.

But really, though, all anyone wants to see at Alexis and Vincent's wedding is Jon Hamm's hamms. As long as that guy keeps free-balling, everything else will take care of itself.

Congrats to the happy couple!

Are you excited for Alexis and Vincent?


Photo via Jemal Countess/Getty

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nonmember avatar Katherine

This is so cool. I hope they have a lasting marriage.

Kim Conley

Yes I am very excited 4 them both. Bu tI really hope Alexis is Anastasia Steel. And Ian is Christian Grey. The would be beyond perfect.

Diana Catacutan

Congratulations for the both of them...

Loni Lee Gift

Agreed, I think she would make the best Ana! her and Ian would be AMAZING!!

nonmember avatar Court M.

Sounds like these two are truly in love. I hope it lasts.

Cesilee Jo Higgins

I have been saying this ALL ALONG!!! Alexis Bedel & Milo Ventimiglia!!! They were perfect in Gilmore Girls they would be perfect in 50!!

Nva Gvup Mick

I didn't know her from her previous shows but love what I read of late.  She's the perfect Ana Steele with Matt Bomer as Christian Grey!  Happy for her engagement and wishing her all the best for her upcoming marriage.

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