Pink Stops Concert for a Reason Every Mom Can Relate To (VIDEO)

PinkI've always liked Pink. I like her music, I like her look, and I like the way she's always been so refreshingly honest about her life -- from how she worked to reconcile her marriage to Carey Hart to her relatable revelations about pregnancy. (I'm a fan of any woman who comes out and says her baby was probably part cheesecake.)

Now that I've seen her stop a concert in order to comfort a little girl in the audience, though, I don't just like Pink. I love her. I JUST LOVE HER SO GOSHDARN MUCH, YOU GUYS.


Pink was performing at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia last Sunday when she called a halt to her song because she spotted a crying little girl in the crowd. She was singing "Who Knew" when she stopped her fellow musician and called for a time-out before addressing the audience:

Is everything OK right here? Is this little girl all right? What's going on? Why is she crying? Why is she upset?

How she managed to key in on one crying child in a teeming mass of fans, I have no idea -- maybe it's that they were really close to the stage, or maybe it was Mom Instinct. Either way, Pink went on to admonish the crowd for scaring the girl, and offered up some treats to try and cheer her up:

Because there was a fight? You all are fighting around a little girl? (...) Honey, do you want this frog? Will this frog and this Rice Krispie treat make you feel better? You're beautiful, don't cry. Cry when you're older.

I don't know if Pink would have done this before becoming mom to daughter Willow, 21 months, but video of the moment shows how completely maternal and tuned-in she is as she alternately comforts the girl and chides the offending parties.

Check it out:

I love it. She really seems like a sweet, caring, confident performer -- and mother. I can't tell how old the girl in the audience was, but I bet this ends up an amazing memory for her and her family.

What do you think of this moment from Pink's concert? Do you think she responded in this way because she has a little girl of her own?

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