Pippa Middleton May Pick Out Her Own Engagement Ring: Does That Ruin the Fun?

pippa middletonPippa Middleton, sister of some woman named Kate, is apparently shopping for rings -- her own engagement ring, to be exact. Pips was recently spotted window shopping at Cartier in Switzerland with her boyfriend of a little over two months, Nico Jackson, and while they didn't buy anything, Pippa reportedly "let Nico in on the kinds of rings she likes."

Picking out your own engagement ring, huh, Pippa? While I'm not totally against it, there's a mighty fine line to be walked with that one.

I personally am not one of those people who's like, "Ohmahgah, no!!! You can't pick out your own ring!!! That's, like, so obnox!!!" But in a way, I get where people with this mentality are coming from. Having a sketch of the exact ring you want, complete with carat size and whatever else goes into engagement ring making, is a little much.

But on the other hand, if you and your lovah are serious (which, not sure how serious one could be after two months), I certainly don't see the harm in discussing the general types of rings you're into. I mean, you're going to be wearing it (hopefully) for the rest of your life. You want to like it. Here's the thing, though: A big part of marriage is relinquishing control. Giving up some of the power. Splitting things 50/50. If you have a certain ring in mind that you luuurve, why not just give a general idea instead of an email with a link? Be part of the process, not the entire process itself.

And besides, isn't part of the fun of getting engaged being surprised? Just sayin', Pippa.

Did you pick out your own engagement ring?


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eem8605 eem8605

I picked out my engagement ring. I actually got the whole set but didn't get the wedding band until our wedding. I wanted something different from my sisters (two have the same ring, one is bigger). Another has had two rings. I want meaning behind mine and he just wanted me to love it since I'd be wearing it forever. Looking online and in stores was fun. It didn't ruin it. He had already proposed anyways. 

nonmember avatar rissa

My husband and I went together to pick out the ring. He did do a get-down-on-one-knee romantic proposal still. My mom works with jewelry, so I knew what i wanted after being exposed to that.

nonmember avatar Katherine

I picked mine out, that way we both knew I would like it and there was less stress for everyone involved.

I think it's fine if you want your partner to pick out the ring without any input, but then you can't complain if you don't like it!

poppy... poppymuffin

Yes, I did pick mine out. For that amount of money and if I'm going to wear it for the rest of my life, I would like to pick it out. We went together and it was only after about 3 months of being together...9 years later we are still happily married and I still love my ring.

Kristine L. Hollenbach-Brown

I did pick out my own engagement ring, but that's only because my boyfriend (now my husband of 17 years) pulled me into the jewelry store and says, "Here, pick one." That was his idea of a proposal! Knowing we couldn't afford much, I picked out the cheapest one. It still sits on my finger, along with the wedding band we picked out.

ltc9958 ltc9958

When the time comes, I absolutely want to pick out the style of my engagement ring. This might be terrible to say, but I want a ring I can feel proud of & not be embarrassed to show off. Carat doesn't matter to me, but style does. One of my old boyfriends used to say he thought thought the wedding band is what should be picked out together, since you wear it forever. I disagreed, because I don't know anyone who shows off the band (and it's easy enough to get a white gold band with diamonds all around.) I also disagree, because I want to wear my engagement ring as much as possible even after marriage; wouldn't a man want it to be a ring she wants to always wear vs just replacing with the band since it's a big investment? An ugly ring doesn't make or break a relationship for me, only my feelings toward that ring. I don't think you want to feel any kind of ill feelings toward such an expensive piece of jewelry (and don't call me nuts, I know some women doen't always like their rings). 

nonmember avatar Heather

I did pick out my engagement ring but I drew the line on picking it up when it was ready at the store, as much as I want it now! My bf picked it up and trying to be sneaky got them to put it in a necklace box which is now hiding somewhere in our house until he finds the best time to propose like I told him he should. I just hope now it's sooner rather than later!

Serab... Serabelle

I think it's smart for men to get their future fiance's opinion on the ring she will be wearing the rest of her life. I don't want to say I picky necessariy, but I definetly have a style that I really like, and styles that I pretty muc hate! Since it will be on my finger forever, it would suck to get something I don't like. I don't care about caret size, but I do care about shape of the stones. This is also why all of my closest friends and my mom and sister all know what style of rind I like, that way when the time comes, if he really does want it to be a surprise, he can ask one of them for help picking it out :)

nonmember avatar singer825

My fiance likes rings with large leaves and vines wrapping around the diamonds making it look like you're walking around with a mini bush on your finger. I like simple bands with vintage detailing. As much as I love him, I'm not entirely sure I could have hidden the grimace from my face had he gotten what he had in mind. Plus, I make jewelry so that added extra pressure for him. So for us, it made much more sense to shop together. Even though the ring wasn't a surprise, when and how he proposed was and that was good enough for me.

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