'Snooki & JWOWW' Recap: Snooki Makes Up for Lost Party Time

SnookiFor all of the big, mature changes Snooki has made in her life since becoming pregnant, there's still a party girl inside. It was just a matter of time before she came out, and tonight on Snooki & JWOWW, come out she did during a wild girls' night on the town.

It followed Jionni's bachelor party, which was so tame it was almost lame. Snooki and her girls, however, went out full force. They started drinking before the limo arrived, and by the time they got to the club, one girl had already puked on another. Yep, it was that kind of night.

"I've basically been a saint for like 10 months so I think I totally deserve to go crazy tonight," Snooki said.

Crazy consisted of them all getting sloppy drunk, dancing wildly, and falling all over the place. Snooki also was making out with anyone with lips. All women, mind you, but there was still some serious smoochin' going on between Jenni and Nicole in particular.

Nicole predicted that they'd all black out by the end of the night, and I don't doubt they did. She also predicted that Jionni would be pissed, and based on the previews for next week, it seems she may be right.

Does he have a right to be mad? Maybe not mad, but some concern would be understandable. She certainly can't go back to her wild, old days, going out and doing shit like this every night as a mother. To go out with her friends once in awhile is fine, but this was pretty extreme meatballing, and the last thing Lorenzo needs is a meatball mom.

But it was just one night, and after 10 months of being good, it wasn't so bad. Snooki has proved time and again how much she's changed and how responsible she is since becoming pregnant, so she deserves some credit for that. Yet still, a meatball can never truly change her stripes ... or her leopard print, as the case may be.

Were you surprised to see Snooki party so hard so soon after having a baby?


Image via MTV

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I wasn't surprised. I always think that I would like to go out and party like a wild animal but my oldest is 20 months and my youngest is 4 months and the few times I've had the chances to do it I chicken out. I worry about the kids too much. After a drink or two I start wondering if one of my girls will need me even if they're with a sitter and I end up just going home and being with them. But I do wish I could really let loose one night...I guess I just don't have it in me anymore lol

Amanda Thomas

The first time I went out and went all "meatball" was two months ago.  My BFed 2 year old toddler was put to sleep by my husband and I went out and had a great time drinking.  I didn't make out with anyone, dance like a newly born horse aor do anything what Snooki did.  I understand going out and having fun but when your baby is still that little, I think it's a tad bit too much.  She might have been a "saint for 10 months" but it's a little excessive.

nonmember avatar mommytobabyboy

O think it is perfectly fine that she did what she did some say it was too excessive but she is snooki and that's how she parties, but now that she's aom I know that her party ways are over she cares too much for Lorenzo which is fine :)

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