'DWTS' Recap: Val Chmerkovskiy & Zendaya Are Clearly Missing Something (VIDEO)

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After watching the first Dancing With the Stars Season 16 performances again tonight, it's pretty obvious that certain cast members have a major leg up on the rest of the competition. Some of them are just naturally better dancers than the rest of the crowd, like Zendaya Coleman, for instance.

Wow. Who knew a 16-year-old Disney star could own a dance floor the way she does? Her contemporary performance with her partner, Val Chmerkovskiy, was the top dance of the night for all the right reasons -- not because of favoritism or some other sort of skewed judgement.

But as talented as Zendaya is, she still may not wind up with the mirror ball trophy at the end of the show -- because there's one thing she and Val are definitely missing.

Duh, they're lacking the insane chemistry he had with his All-Star partner (and possible real life love), Kelly Monaco.

OMG. How strange is it to watch Val dance with someone other than Kelly this time around? Something about it just seems so off base and wrong -- to the point where I couldn't help but be disappointed after his contemporary performance with Zendaya. While watching it, I just couldn't seem to get the contemporary dance he shared with Kelly out of my head. (Um, it was like, the hottest thing EVER.)

Ok, I won't lie. I kept waiting for Kelly to pop up out of the audience, run onto the ballroom floor, jump into Val's arms, and skip off into the sunset or something cheesy like that. (Yes, I'm that obsessed with Team Vally. I need help.)

And even though Val seems to be committed to making Zendaya into the best dancer she can be, it's hard not to wonder if he thinks of Kelly every time he takes the floor. (Aww. Let's hope so.)

In case you missed it, you can check out Val and Zendaya's premiere performance in this video clip. They've got the moves, but will we ever get used to seeing them together?


Do you think Zendaya and Val have a good shot at winning?


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Trish Pledger

Duh, they're lacking the insane chemistry he had with his All-Star partner (and possible real life love), Kelly Monaco. You have to remember that Zendaya is only 16 years old! There are laws about 16 year olds and I would hate to see Val get arrested for "child molestation"! Just saying!

MaryKay Buckland

Yes ...they have a good chance at winning and that's a pretty insensitive comment about chemistry...She's 16 for pete's sake..and it was a clever bit of acting on Monaco's part...not chemistry...I like real..fake is for Hollywood.

Kathy Cox Swart

I thought this dance was top of the line great. Zen data was very expressive, perfect for this dance and her age. I am very tired of all the sexual happenings and overtly sexy dances-exactly why I stopped watching. I think I will Dvr the show then just fast forward to their dance set. It is so refreshing to watch two excellent dancers just perform an excellent dance. Keep up the great work Val and Zendaya!

Louis Dipini

not all the dancer is going have insane chemistry zendaya did great in her dance if val every got sexual with her he would go to jail look at mark ballas and shawn johnson they didnt have insane chemistry they count on her dance skill and they still won so zendaya have a chance to win because of her heart for dancing and skill so stop with this chemistry

Maggie Kolb

I was actually kind of glad to see him partner without the weird hyperchemestry he had with Kelly.

Max Landon

I thought they did very well, BUT, at the same time, I thought Val looked like he was afraid of Zendaya due to her age. It's like, "How much do I dare try to get away with?". I can understand his quandary. It's too bad, they could go all the way if they get some chemistry going.

Dorothy Holland

Val had just the right amount of chemistry going with Zendaya. H said before the show started that he was going to tone down the sexual activity due to her age. I think that he did perfect. Their dance was sensational. Is he still with Kelly? Who knows and who cares? His personal life, is his and nobody elses!! Please let them

nonmember avatar kaerae

Uh, in case you missed the memo, an adult's not supposed to have the kind of "chemistry" Val and Kelly had with a child. Another good reason for her not to be on the show, oh, along with the fact that she's a professional dancer who plays a dancer on a show about dancing...

Sue Glass Gray

I enjoyed it very much. From first glance I think she does have a chance to win it but there were others who gave promising performances also. Should be a good competition.

Lisa Coto

Honestly I dont understand why someone would expect Val to dance like he did with Kelly. Zandaya is just a kid. It will be obscene to see him do the moves he did with Kelly. Gross

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