Keyshia Cole Bashes Beyonce for R-Rated Song Lyrics & Sounds Ridiculous

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Keyshia ColeOoooh, you guys, you won't BELIEVE what Keyshia Cole went and said about Beyonce! She totally dissed Queen Bey, in public and everything! It's, like, can you even imagine the incredible courage it took to type those inflammatory comments and hit the Tweet button? This lady has some SERIOUS moxie and has a downright masterful touch in bringing up many of the complex societal criticisms of Beyonce's new song, "Bow Down/I Been On"!

I'm kidding, of course. I can barely even understand Cole's tweets without a ghetto textspeak translator, and bashing someone on Twitter is about as chickenshit as it gets. Truly, whatever respect Cole might have earned by questioning the message in Beyonce's new track, she lost it in the delivery.

So apparently there's been some controversy about Beyonce's lyrics in "Bow Down/I Been On." While the superstar has always advocated the empowerment of women, the track (which is actually a snippet of two separate songs) includes lines like:

I know when you were little girls/ You dreamt of being in my world/ Don’t forget it/ Respect that/ Bow down bitches/ Don’t get it twisted this is my shit

Here's the song, if you want to take a listen:

It's the "bow down bitches" line that shocked some fans, and prompted fellow R&B singer Keyshia Cole to post the following:

(Okay, I know "smh" is "shaking my head," but can one of you younguns help me out with FOH?)

I guess I understand what she's saying: Beyonce's carefully cultivated female-friendly brand doesn't really mesh up with this new instruction for bitches to bow down.

Still, Cole's not earning many new admirers with her Twitter smackdown. As one fan put it,

Keyshia Cole and Chris Brown are two artists that really shouldn't have twitter accounts.

Personally, I think the whole thing sounds like sour grapes on Cole's part. She's basically saying that she's been foul-mouthed and obnoxious all along, and who does Beyonce think she is, suddenly taking her polished persona into grittier territory? Well, frankly, she sounds like a multi-platinum artist and global superstar who can do -- and say -- whatever the hell she wants. Cole may not want to bow down, but Beyonce doesn't really need to worry about keeping it "real." Her reality is that she's one of the most famous recording stars in the freaking world, and I think it's highly unlikely that any controversy over a rough lyric or two will hurt her upcoming album sales.

What do you think about Beyonce's new lyrics? Do you think Keyshia Cole has a point?

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Shandi80 Shandi80

"Queen Bey" needs to get the pedestal knocked out from under her.

nonmember avatar Keyshiafan

"FOH" means fuck outta here and it is sad that ppl cant say whatever the hell they want to say without the "Bey" worshippers attacking you. Its a free country and if Keyshia don't like the song so be it.

Denise Keffer

I always thought SMH was "smack my head"... I really need to ask my teenager about that LOL I just listened to the song and ...ugh wouldn't waste my money on it.

nonmember avatar Calister

I agree with Keyshia Cole! I also applaud her for keeping it real! Beyonce is beautiful, talented, and a hard worker....but she doesn't have the respect of her peers. Why? Well it's her fault, all this packaging herself has a perfectionist...has drawn herself into a corner. Everything she has done artistically has been copied by some other Artist, Tina Turner, Prince, Janet Jackson. You can tell that every Artist she has worked with Beyonce was the one that did the asking...if it wasn't for her tours she no one would care. I dare her to fill up Central Park with a MILLION FANS the way Diana Ross did in the 80's with nothing but a mike and a outfit... KUDOS to COLE! HARDCORE AND TRUE!!!

Liberty Ocasio-Hill

wow, why is anybody surprised? didn't see that one coming? it was only a matter of time.

Paws84 Paws84

Her fans need to quit making her head fat. Get off your pedestal. This song coming from the same b-tch that lied about being pregnant and not getting a surrogate. You're stomach doesn't bend in half when you're actually pregnant. Lol shut the hell up, beyonce!

Paws84 Paws84


nonmember avatar Raheem

Lol it's just a song. If you feel you need to bow down to a song then something is seriously wrong !

Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

I'm not a Beyonce fan, but I think it's telling that so far the Keyshia fans can't put together a coherent sentence.

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