'Teen Mom' Star Goes to Jail -- Finally!

Chelsea Houska Adam LindAdd the name Adam Lind to the list of Teen Mom stars who have spent some time in jail. The ex-boyfriend of Chelsea Houska landed in the pokey this week, and we won't be seeing much of him for another month and a half.

Lind, who is father of Houska's little girl Aubree and is reportedly expecting a new baby with girlfriend Taylor Halbur, managed to work out a work release system with the South Dakota court. He'll be spending his days at work, his nights and weekends in jail.

Can I get a yahoo?

Adam is finally being forced to face up to his crimes of a year ago, when he not only drove a motor vehicle while under the influence but did so with a suspended license. He's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box.

And it's about time he get a little comeuppance for always acting like a child. Ninety days in jail sounds about right, and the fact that he still has to go to work means he can still pay Chelsea the child support he owes her.

It's a win-win, right?

Listen, y'all, I want to be sad for little Aubree here, but we've all seen how much of a dad Adam really isn't.

He likes to say he's going to go visit his daughter and then bail on the little girl when something "better" (in his mind) comes up. It's not like the little girl is really going to be missing much while daddy's in jail. She's got a great mom in Chelsea to keep her busy.

And for at least 90 days, Chelsea won't have to deal with this bozo dropping in and out of her life!

What do you think of Adam going to jail?


Image via MTV

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twili... twilightsbella

Work release system? I have never heard of such a thing. I think if they do a crime they should be in jail 24/7 and if u lose ur job cuz ur in jail well to bad. Noone made u break the law.

mande... manderspanders

@twilightsbella: work release is fairly common for more minor charges.  And were talking about the county jail, not prison.  Would you rather this guy get to skip out on his child support?

nonmember avatar kaerae

If everyone who got a DUI got 45 days in jail, we'd have a lot fewer funerals, I think it's great. Work release is fine, he'll lose it if he screws up.

linzemae linzemae

They do work release in my state. I think its great for minor charges

Martha EnOs

I think its about time ! and yeah they do have work release in my state to

Jennifer Harrington

I think it is great he is a looser dad and now having another baby he should be make to be fixed like a dog because he acts like one

nonmember avatar Christa

I think it's awesome because not only does he have to serve time for being so stupid, he's also forced to pay his child support out of his earnings even if it means his whole check is gone. Aubree deserves so much more than he's willing to do for her. I feel bad for the new baby and it's mom.

Audrionna Weston

i feel like Adam deserved it because he has done so much dirt to chelsea and really isnt much of a dad to Aubree

Eva Daniels


Sharee Lehtomaki

gooooooooooood deal... He deserves it

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