'American Horror Story' Season 3 Spoilers: Something Witchy This Way Comes

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American Horror Story CovenSo if you're reading this, it must mean you made it through American Horror Story: Asylum (aka season 2) and you're still glutton for more eerie, twisted, often stomach-churning excitement from Ryan Murphy and friends. By the way, what's wrong with you? How in the hell did you make it through season 2? The dismembered (but alive) bodies and that homicidal Santa and maybe the most fuh-reaky, sick serial killer ever. Something is totally wrong with you (and me too -- hugs!).

Our sick minds aside, lots of season 3 spoilers are emerging -- beyond the brillz news that the amazing Kathy Bates is joining the show. But WILL YOU DARE? Can you really handle another season of this show? 

SPOILER ALERT. Stop reading now if you don't want to know what we know. Because we know a lot! 

Here's what we know so far about what to expect in season 3.

  1. Season 3 will be called: American Horror Story: Coven.
  2. As you probably guessed from the title, witches be coming! We don't know who and we don't know how many make a coven, but there will be witches.
  3. The show will be set in several locations, including the always haunted city of New Orleans.
  4. Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates will be together in a "lot of scenes" and "going at it." Pretty sure Murphy means they'll be fighting, not, you know, GOING AT IT in a sexytimes way. But hey, with this show, you never frickin' know (Tami Taylor does Rubber Man ... enough said).
  5. "Female power" is the theme of the season. I'm scared.
  6. This season's "Rubber Man" and "Bloody Face" will be a woman! Oh god, is it Kathy Bates? Scared.
  7. Murphy says Bates' character is "cuckoo-for-Cocoa-Puffs" -- OMG, what does that meeeeeeeeeeean?
  8. Several of our favorite cast members from seasons 1 and 2 will be returning, presumably as all new characters again, in season 3, including Jessica Lange (Constance and Sister Jude), Frances Conroy (Moira and the Angel of Death), Sarah Paulson (Billie Dean and Lana), Evan Peters (Tate and Kit), and Lily Rabe (Nora and Sister Mary Eunice). Even Naomi Grossman (Pepper) will be back!
  9. Also under consideration, a vampire-themed American Horror StoryWhat?! Yep, Murphy mentions it, but then says, "I can't talk about it." Tease!
  10. American Horror Story: Coven will premiere this fall on FX.

OMG, these answers only spur a million more questions. What kind of witches are we talking about here -- like Charmed witches? No, no, no, of course not ... Maybe like True Blood witches? Will Jessica Lange be a witch? Will Kathy Bates? What kind of twisted female monster can we expect (wait, don't answer that one; I'm too scared to know!)? Will Evan Peters return to being evil (a la Tate) or stay good (a la Kit)? Will Dylan McDermott (Ben and Johnny) make another surprise appearance? What about Zachary Quinto (Chad and Dr. Thredson)? He's gotta return, right?

Are you looking forward to season 3 of American Horror Story?

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Jai Hutto

I CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT! I am so excited for the new season!

Truel... Truelove77

Super Crazy excited this show is amazing!

coco_... coco_rose

Havent seen season 2 yet foxtel australia sucks like that might have to look it up online season 3 soubds awesome nothing better than badass cray cray chicks haha

Kelly Lueck

Always read these-never add to these, but have to now! YES I CAN'T WAIT ! I was kinda mad when it seemed like the episodes ended right after they began (time flew !!!). Yes, some of us must be real freaks because people will say to me , "You watch that show" in their own horror.

Tara Pope

I think is it safe to say it will not be the fufu witches we see on charmed... even true bloods witches are a little pg-13. I think they are going to take it to another level.

Chrissy Weaver

ive heard the female monsters gonna be some kind of cat woman ??? idk for sure but i cant wait for this show. does anyone know when its coming out.

Cristina Rabago

I am so excited. Just reading this made me jump in my seat and clap my hands. I work all the time and my only pleasures are three shows, this being one of the more exciting ones. I am so looking forward to the new season!!!

nonmember avatar Ruby

Oh yes, I am just so *weird* and *freaky* because I watch a fictional television show, about fictional characters. Something is so TOTALLY WRONG with me for enjoying a scripted TV show with special effects. We're all special little snowflakes here, aren't we?

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