'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Faye Resnick Throws a Ridiculously Low Blow at Brandi Glanville

Faye Resnick and Marisa ZanuckI don't know if she's bored, or it's just her "morally corrupt" nature that can't help itself, but for someone who's not even a Housewife, Faye Resnick sure likes to stir up the drama. Tonight on the penultimate episode of this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills she just wouldn't take her hand off of the spoon. 

And what was up with Marisa Zanuck? She's the one who really gave Faye the ammunition. Here I thought she was cool, then the first chance she got to throw Brandi Glanville under the bus (whom she'd previously claimed to really like), she heaved her as hard as she could.

She brought up a text from Brandi that suggested she and her husband give each other a "hall pass" to spice up their marriage. Now, Marisa has done plenty of joking and complaining about her marriage, and most likely Brandi was just making what she thought was a playful suggestion. Marissa, however, blew it up into a huge scandal, saying Brandi was insinuating her marriage was in trouble, and that she (and Dean) feel like Brandi flirt with him. Then it turned into one big let's-bash-Brandi fest. Jealous much, ladies?

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Yolanda Foster stood up for Brandi, and told Marisa it wasn't cool that she was talking behind her back. "Why are you asking us? Ask Brandi." she told her. When Kyle Richards showed a backbone for once and agreed that she didn't think Brandi would ever go after a married man after all she'd been through, Faye jumped in with her accusations. "Did you really just say that, Kyle?" she shot at her. Then she went on to accuse Brandi of having sex in the bathroom of Kyle's house during the White Party. Stir, stir, stir.

So at Lisa Vanderpump's housewarming party/marriage renewal ceremony, which just so happened to fall on the same day that news of Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif's separation was officially announced, it all came to a head. Yolanda cornered Marisa and told her she thought she should talk to Brandi about what she'd said about her (loving Yolanda these days!). Marisa started back pedaling and squirming, when all of a sudden Faye walked up.

She had no business being there and when asked to leave she would not. Brandi told her she wasn't involved in the subject at hand, and Faye with all the bravado and narcissism in the world shot back, "I'm involved in everything." Gag.

It got worse. She told Yolanda that she was being "led by a very bad girl," which just insulted Yolanda. Then she told Brandi that no matter how many Chanels she borrows, she'll never be a lady. Finally, she went even lower and accused Brandi of breaking up Adrienne and Paul's marriage.

"You put them through hell like you put everyone else through hell," she told her. Even Marisa knew that was out of line. It was simply ridiculous and so very clearly done at the hands of Adrienne. As much as she'd like to blame it on Brandi, it's just way too far of a reach, and so classless to blame the breakup of her marriage on anyone besides the two parties in it. Even if Brandi's bombshell about her using a surrogate did create some tension, it's nothing a strong marriage shouldn't be able to withstand. Blaming someone else is ... what did she call Paul again? Oh yeah, pathetic. 

My fear is that Faye is making this pitiful play for relevancy to angle for a permanent spot on the show now that Camille Grammer and Adrienne Maloof aren't coming back. Bravo surely wouldn't be that stupid, would they? While I'm all for drama when it comes to these shows, I'm not for the likes of Faye who hasn't shown us one single redeeming quality. Ever.

Do you think Faye was out of line in attacking Brandi for breaking up Paul and Adrienne's marriage? Would you want to see Faye join the show?


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Connie Griffith Moore

Faye is a low life that should not be on the show, Bravo should be ashamed for having her on there.

Jluvl... Jluvly613

Faye is a wretched, low class, plastic, sorry excuse for a human being. She's gross Lisa should throw her out of her home!

Lauren McKeithen Thomas

I can't stand Faye, she looks like a prune why is she there anyway.


nonmember avatar EchoParkLady

Cant stand Faye Resnick she joins the cast bravo loses a long time viewer. Shes a media hoe.

Genie Simi Heldt

I'm not really a fan of Brandi's, but I like Faye even less. Who the hell does she think she is? Apparently she thinks she's above it all, when I'll bet she can get down and dirty like the rest of them. If they add her as a permanent housewife, they'll have lost a faithful viewer in me. 

Something else that has bothered me. Is it the norm in Beverly Hills to bring a posse along to functions if you're a single woman? Tonight was only one friend, but I've seen Brandi bring as many as three and four friends along to parties. If it isn't the norm, how rude is that? Oh well. I guess it just shows that even if you have money, it doesn't give you class.

nonmember avatar ess

She speaks as if she is a paragon of virtue and I just dont understand it. Why does she feel she must speak about Brandi's issues with Adrienne? They dont even really speak so why she feels her opinion would have any relevance is beyond me. Its a calculated move to place her on the show. Go Yolanda!

Theresa Jones

I also believe this bitch is trying to get all the attention she can and angling to get on the show. I can't take watching it if she is on full time.
And did she think she looked good? That fake tan and her dried out skin made her look ridden hard and put up wet!

nonmember avatar Darcy

Faye's 15 minutes of fame were over 18 years ago. She make my skin crawl. If she becomes a regular I will n longer watch.

Linda Rizio Boyle

I don't understand why Bravo keeps putting this self  important commoner on the show.  Her appointed her the moral majority?  As if anyone cares about her opinions!!!  Kyle needs a better class of friends.


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